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QUESTION - "I canít believe in God because of all the suffering in the world. If God really exists as you claim, then why doesnít He do something about peopleís suffering?"  ANSWER

QUESTION - "I understand your answer to my question last week -"If God exists then why doesnít He stop peopleís suffering", but I donít understand why a "loving" God cannot just overlook sin and step in."  ANSWER

QUESTION - "I donít feel it matters what day you have your church services. There have been so many calendars, whoís to say what day is truly the Sabbath? We should worship God every day not just one."   ANSWER

QUESTION - "I understand that Saturday is the Sabbath day, but Christians keep Sunday as their day of worship because Jesus rose from the dead on that day."   ANSWER

QUESTION - "Pastor, do you have women preachers or women Pastors in your Church?"  ANSWER

QUESTION - "I read your article about sex and adultery, but I disagree with you. I live with my boyfriend because I want to make sure that we are compatible before we commit to marriage. I donít think this is wrong because God understands the world we are living in today. We both attend church every week."  ANSWER

QUESTION - "The Bible says we are saved by grace through faith. Why do you teach we must keep the Ten Commandments?"   ANSWER

QUESTION - "How do you know that these are the Last Days? People have always thought they were living in the End Times"  ANSWER

QUESTION - "Does your Church keep Easter, and if not, why?"   ANSWER

QUESTION - "Your view seems to be too narrow. I know people of different faiths who believe that they have the truth. If they are wrong they donít know it."   ANSWER

QUESTION - "I believe in Jesus but I donít believe in a literal Hell. I think you preachers exaggerate the concept of Hell to scare people into listening to you."   ANSWER

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