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Points of Truth Media

SHOCKING BUT TRUE - 30 minute programs which reveal the truth on things you only thought you knew.   TRUTH SPEAKS - Mini programs only a few minutes each on a variety of topics. These mini messages vary from 3 -15 minutes.   MUSIC - Crusade Worship Band, The Signet, Various singers and musicians of the Crusade Church of God.
Crusade Church Sabbath Services Live -Join us live each Sabbath for praise, worship, teaching and anointed preaching.   Our YouTube Channels - Points of Truth Channel, and Truth Break Channel. Offering hundreds of videos.   Crusade Church Sermons on video - God's Truth going forth in Spirit and in the power of the Word.
Documentaries - Comprehensive programs on important Bible topics. Full length studies with commentary and illustrations.   Two Minute Drill - Hard-hitting, insightful mini audio messages that get straight to the point on a variety of topics.    

Points of Truth Ministries