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Featured Sermon: "The Flesh Must Die" 4-21-18

V L.Lasiter "The Flesh Must Die" 4-21-18    
V L.Lasiter "The Precious Blood" 4-07-18    V L.Lasiter "The Church Under Attack" 4-14-18
V D.Brown  "What if it's Love?" 3-31-18    V L.Lasiter  "Last Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-06-18
V L.Lasiter  "No Underdogs in Christ" 3-24-18    V L.Lasiter  "1st Day of Unleavened Bread" 3-31-18
V D.Brown  "Intimacy Through Suffering" 3-10-18    V M.Lasiter  "Humility of Heart" 3-17-18
V L.Lasiter  "Three Great Questions" 2-24-18    V L.Lasiter  "Don't Give the Devil Place" 3-03-18
V L.Lasiter  "The Dedicated Minority" 2-10-18    V L.Lasiter  "The Rule of Order" 2-17-18
V L.Lasiter  "A True and Faithful Christian" 1-20-18    V L.Lasiter  "The War on the Truth" 2-03-18
V W.Moorer  "Responsibilities of the Body" 1-06-18    V L.Lasiter  "There is Justice Only in God" 1-13-18
V L.Lasiter  "The Doctrine of Forgiveness" 12-23-17    V L.Lasiter  "Children of Light" 12-30-17
V M.Lasiter  "The Rightful Path" 12-09-17    V L.Lasiter  "A True and Living Faith" 12-16-17
V L.Lasiter  "God's Love Spurned" 11-25-17    V L.Lasiter  "Church Under Attack" 12-02-17
V D.Brown  "Embrace the Cross" 11-11-17    V L.Lasiter  "The Nature of Temptation" 11-18-17
V L.Lasiter  "The Perilous Journey" 10-28-17    V L.Lasiter  "Blessed are the Pure" 11-04-17
V L.Lasiter  "Let the Spirit Rule" 10-10-17    V L.Lasiter  "We Must be Transformed" 10-21-17
V D.Brown  "Power of His Presence" 10-06-17    V L.Lasiter  "The Last Great Day" 10-12-17
V L.Lasiter  "An On Time God" 9-23-17    V L.Lasiter  "Day of Atonement" 9-30-17
V L.Lasiter  "A Holy & Acceptable Sacrifice" 9-09-17    V L.Lasiter  "The Church of Jesus Christ" 9-16-17
V L.Lasiter  "It is Written" 8-26-17    V L.Lasiter  "Humility of the Righteous" 9-02-17
V L.Lasiter  "The Sabbath Delemma" 8-12-17    V L.Lasiter  "Satan's World Exposed" 8-19-17
V L.Lasiter  "Secure Sinners" 7-29-17     V L.Lasiter  "The God of Lies" 8-05-17 
V L.Lasiter  "Who Are the Many?" 7-15-17     V L.Lasiter  "The Fierce Wrath of God" 7-22-17 
V L.Lasiter  "When the Glory Departs" 7-01-17     V L.Lasiter  "An Empowered Church" 7-08-17 
V L.Lasiter  "The Glory of His Grace" 6-17-17     V L.Lasiter  "Grace Establishes the Law" 6-24-17
V L.Lasiter  "Pentecost 2017" 6-04-17     V W.Moorer  "The Measure You Use" 6-10-17
V L.Lasiter  "Live Your Life Well" 5-27-17     V L.Lasiter  "The Audacity of Faith" 6-03-17
V L.Lasiter  "Are All Religions Alike?" 5-13-17     V L.Lasiter  "The Apostolic Faith" 5-20-17
V L.Lasiter  "The Goal of Instruction" 4-29-17     V L.Lasiter  "When Faith is Surrendered" 5-06-17
V M.Lasiter  "Prepared Hearts" 4-17-17   V D.Brown  "Jesus' Life in Prayer" 4-22-17
V W.Moorer  "Unity" 4-15-17    V L.Lasiter  "Last Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-17-17 
V L.Lasiter  "First Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-11-17    V D.Brown  "ULB Afternoon Sermon" 4-11-17  
V L.Lasiter  "Crucified With Christ" 4-01-17     V L.Lasiter  "Search My Heart Lord" 4-08-17 
V L.Lasiter  "The Blameless Church" 3-11-17     V L.Lasiter  "Inward Struggle-Outward Battle" 3-18-17 
V L.Lasiter  "Stand Alone if Need Be" 2-25-17     V L.Lasiter  "Greatest Threats to Humanity" 3-04-17 
V L.Lasiter  "Seek the Lord in Faith" 2-11-17     V D.Brown  "The Evil Day" 2-18-17 
V M.Lasiter  "Lamb's Book of LIfe" 1-28-17     V L.Lasiter  "Faith Knows No Defeat" 2-04-17 
V L.Lasiter  "Condition of the Heart" 1-14-17     V L.Lasiter  "Be Willing to Walk Away" 1-21-17 
V L.Lasiter  "Tragedy of a Wasted Life" 12-24-16     V W.Moorer  "Made in Our Image" 12-31-16 
V L.Lasiter  "The Sin of Rebellion" 12-10-16     V L.Lasiter  "Tell Me Lies" 12-17-16
V L.Lasiter  "Divinely Chosen" 11-26-16     V L.Lasiter  "Heresies of the Early Church" 12-03-16
V L.Lasiter  "A Through Faith" 11-12-16     V L.Lasiter  "Unspeakable Joy" 11-19-16 
V L.Lasiter  "The Mystery of Christ" 10-29-16     V L.Lasiter  "Short of God's Grace" 11-05-16 
V L.Lasiter  "Day of Atonement 2016" 10-12-16     V   "Feasts of Tabernacles Messages" 10-17-24-2016
V L.Lasiter  "Day of Atonement 2016" 10-12-16     V L.Lasiter  "God Lives in the Believer" 10-15-16
V D.Brown  "Trumpets-Be Alert" 10-03-16    V L.Lasiter  "The Glory of Grace" 10-08-16
V L.Lasiter  "The Light of the World" 10-01-16    V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Trumpets 2016" 10-03-16
V D.Brown  "Blessed Trials" 9-17-16    V L.Lasiter  "Fruitful Means Increase" 9-24-16
V L.Lasiter  "The Power of His Glory" 9-03-16    V L.Lasiter  "Colossae's Gnostic Heresy" 9-10-16
V L.Lasiter  "Take My Yoke Upon You" 8-20-16    V L.Lasiter  "Power is Perfected in Weakness" 8-27-16
V L.Lasiter  "A More Excellent Way" 8-06-16    V L.Lasiter  "Truth Surrendered" 8-13-16
V L.Lasiter  "Understanding Galatians" 7-23-16    V L.Lasiter  "Occupy Until He Comes" 7-30-16
V L.Lasiter  "Seek First God's Kingdom" 7-09-16    V L.Lasiter  "Declaration of War!" 7-16-16
V L.Lasiter  "Book of Hebrews Revisited" 6-25-16    V L.Lasiter  "There is Evil in the World" 7-02-16
V D.Brown  "When is the Battle Won?" 6-11-16   V L.Lasiter  "Call toTrue Holiness" 6-18-16
V L.Lasiter  "The Battle for your Soul" 5-28-16   V L.Lasiter  "Faith Tested by Fire" 6-04-16
V L.Lasiter  "Who is Israel?" 5-14-16   V L.Lasiter  "Don't Repeat Israel's Sins" 5-21-16
V L.Lasiter  "Be Sober and Alert" 4-30-16   V L.Lasiter  "Israel's History of Rebellion" 5-07-16
V L.Lasiter  "1st Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-23-16   V L.Lasiter  "Last Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-29-16
V L.Lasiter  "Leavening of the Pharisees" 4-09-16   V L.Lasiter  "Only a Few will Find Life" 4-16-16
V L.Lasiter  "Why You Are" 3-19-16   V L.Lasiter  "The Whole World is Deceived" 3-26-16
V L.Lasiter  "God's Steadfast Love" 3-05-16   V L.Lasiter  "Antichrist" 3-12-16
V L.Lasiter  "Through the Veil" 2-20-16   V L.Lasiter  "Love Lifted Me" 2-27-16
V L.Lasiter  "War Against the Seed" 2-06-16   V L.Lasiter  "The Outcome" 2-13-16
V L.Lasiter  "A Little Leaven Leavens All" 1-23-16   V L.Lasiter  "Sweetness of His Presence" 1-30-16
V L.Lasiter  "Are You Deceived?" 1-09-16   V L.Lasiter  "The Truth About Grace" 1-16-16
V D.Brown  "Is Your Christianity Christian?" 12-26-15   V W.Moorer  "When the Spirit Moves" 1-02-16
V L.Lasiter  "The Spirit of Lawlessness" 12-12-15   V L.Lasiter  "A Perilous Journey" 12-19-15
V L.Lasiter  "What is the Desire of Your Heart" 11-28   V L.Lasiter  "Restoring the Apostolic Faith" 12-05-15
V L.Lasiter  "A Dying Church" 11-14-15   V L.Lasiter  "Imagine There's No Jesus" 11-21-15
V L.Lasiter  "Love One Another" 10-31-15   V L.Lasiter  "Is the Rapture True?" 11-07-15
V L.Lasiter  "God's Spirit Must Rule" 10-17-15   V L.Lasiter  "Prophecy and Revelation" 10-24-15
V L.Lasiter  "When Leaders Fail" 9-26-15   V L.Lasiter  "True Worshipers" 10-10-15
V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Trumpets 2015" 9-14-15   V L.Lasiter  "Specifics Matter to God" 9-19-15
V L.Lasiter  "God Rejects a Compromising Spirit"   V L.Lasiter  "The Fourth Beast" 9-05-15
V L.Lasiter  "Truth, or a Deadly Mixture" 8-015-15   V L.Lasiter  "A True Disciple of Christ" 8-022-15
V L.Lasiter  "Land of Shifting Shadows" 8-01-15   V L.Lasiter  "Who, What & Why You Are" 8-08-15
V D.Brown  "Love Jesus-How do you Know?" 7-18-15   V L.Lasiter  "Divine Blindness" 7-25-15
V L.Lasiter  "The Secret War" 7-04-15   V M.Lasiter/B.Lewis  "Split Sermon" 7-11-15
V W.Moorer  "Worship with your Whole Heart" 6-20   V L.Lasiter  "Warnings to a Blessed People" 6-27-15
V L.Lasiter  "America, Fallen into Judgment" 6-06-15   V L.Lasiter  "What is Your Life?" 6-13-15
V L.Lasiter  "Pentecost 2015" 5-24-15   V L.Lasiter  "The Great Harlot of Revelation" 5-31-15
V L.Lasiter  "Brokenness" 5-16-15   V L.Lasiter  "I Am What I Am" 5-23-15
V L.Lasiter  "The Great Falling Away" 5-02-15   V L.Lasiter  "I Never Knew You" 5-09-15
V Church   "God is Real" 4-18-15   V L.Lasiter   "Understanding Book of Romans" 4-25-15
V L.Lasiter   "Last Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-10-15   V L.Lasiter   "Can You Handle the Truth" 4-11-15
V L.Lasiter   "1st Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-04-15   V D.Brown   "1st Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-04-15
V L.Lasiter   "But if Not..." 3-21-15   V L.Lasiter   "We Must Bear Fruit" 3-28-15
V Study"Should Christians Be Torah Observant?"   V L.Lasiter  "Select Revelation" 3-14-15
V L.Lasiter  "The Snare of Discontent" 2-28-15   V D. Brown  "Resurrection, Not Renovation" 3-07-15
V L.Lasiter  "Walk by the Spirit" 2-14-15   V L.Lasiter  "Lying Spirits" 2-21-15
V L.Lasiter  "The Miracle of Grace" 1-31-15   V L.Lasiter  "Things that Matter" 2-07-15
V D. Brown  "Clarity-Sharpen Your Focus" 1-17-15   V M.Lasiter  "Contending Earnestly" 1-25-15
V L.Lasiter  "The Necessity of Unity" 1-03-15   V M.Lasiter  "God's Intentions" 1-10-15
V L.Lasiter  "Superiority of New Testament" 12-20-14   V L.Lasiter  "Cry for the Lost" 12-27-14
V L.Lasiter  "Insulting the Spirit of Grace" 12-06-14   V L.Lasiter  "Let the Love of Christ Control" 12-13-14
V L.Lasiter  "Ancient Landmarks" 11-22-14   V L.Lasiter  "Righteousness By Faith" 11-29-14
V L.Lasiter  "Abraham, the Father of Us All" 11-08-14   V L.Lasiter  "Persecution" 11-15-14
V L.Lasiter  "Be the Miracle of Faith" 10-25-14   V Church  "Feast 2014 Testimonies" 11-01-14
V M.Lasiter  "Desire and Faith" 10-10-14   V L.Lasiter  "The Death of Me" 10-11-14
V L.Lasiter  "Press into the Real" 10-18-14   V D.Brown  "Chosen, Holy, Blameless & Free" 10-09-14
V L.Lasiter  "1st Day Feast of Tabernacles" 10-09-14   V D.Brown  "Breaking From Fear and Pain" 10-11-14
V L.Lasiter  "Atonement-Full Services 2014" 10-04-14   V L.Lasiter  "Day of Atonement 2014" 10-04-14
V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Trumpets 2014" 9-25-14   V L.Lasiter  "Powerful Feast Testimonies" 9-27-14
V L.Lasiter  "Let Us Consecrate Ourselves" 9-13-14   V L.Lasiter  "Press for the Prize" 9-20-14
V L.Lasiter  "A Terrible Truth" 8-30-14   V L.Lasiter  "Comfort or Truth?" 9-06-14
V L.Lasiter  "Consider Your Calling" 8-16-14   V L.Lasiter  "Grow Up in Christ" 8-23-14
V L.Lasiter  "Sabbath in the New Covenant" 8-02-14   V L.Lasiter  "What does God want of You?" 8-09-14
V L.Lasiter  "Faith Without Works is Dead" 7-19-14   V L.Lasiter  "Today's Gospel" 7-26-14
V W.Moorer  "Connect with Each Other" 7-05-14   V L.Lasiter  "The Matrix" 7-12-14
V L.Lasiter  "Ravenous Wolves" 6-21-14   V L.Lasiter  "The Power of Thought" 6-28-14
V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Pentecost 2014" 6-08-14   V L.Lasiter  "The Truth About the Truth" 6-14-14
V L.Lasiter  "A Terrifying Expectation" 5-31-14   V L.Lasiter  "Gospel of the Kingdom" 6-07-14
V L.Lasiter  "Reality Check" 5-17-14   V L.Lasiter  "Not Under the Law" 5-24-14
V Church  "The Impact of Faithfulness" 5-03-14   V L.Lasiter  "Perseverance of the Saints" 5-10-14
V L.Lasiter  "Last Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-21-14   V L.Lasiter  "Predestined, Chosen & Appointed" 4-26-14
V M.Lasiter  "ULB-Guard Your Memory" 4-15-14   V L.Lasiter  "Surrender Means Liberty" 4-19-14
V L.Lasiter  "The Jesus Revolution" 4-12-14   V L.Lasiter  "1st Day of Unleavened Bread" 4-15-14
V D. Brown  "The Darkest Hour" 3-29-14   V L.Lasiter  "Preach the Gospel" 4-05-14
V L.Lasiter  "Gnosticism in the Church" 3-15-14   V L.Lasiter  "Can You Fall From Grace?" 3-22-14
V L.Lasiter  "True and False Discipleship" 3-01-14   V L.Lasiter  "Biblical Revival" 3-08-14
V L.Lasiter  "Is the Truth in You?" 2-15-14   V L.Lasiter  "Beware Lying Spirits" 2-22-14
V L.Lasiter  "Unstained by the World" 2-01-14   V L.Lasiter  "Culture of Rebellion" 2-08-14
V L.Lasiter  "The Devil's Fingerprints" 1-04-14   V L.Lasiter  "Who Are the Wicked?" 1-25-14
V L.Lasiter  "Facade Christianity" 12-21-13   V D.Brown  "Go Preach, Suffer, Win" 12-28-13
V L.Lasiter  "Sanctification" 12-07-13   V L.Lasiter  "Faithfulness" 12-14-13
V L.Lasiter  "Israel of God" 11-09-13   V L.Lasiter  "Understanding Book of Hebrews" 11-16-13
V L.Lasiter  "Children of Faith" 10-26-13   V L.Lasiter  "The Death of Me" 11-02-13
V L.Lasiter  "We Live by the Spirit" 10-05-13   V L.Lasiter  "The Barren Fig Tree" 10-12-13
V L.Lasiter  "Authority" 9-07-13   V L.Lasiter  "Neglected Resources=Failure" 9-28-13
V L.Lasiter  "We Live, Die, Then What?" 8-31-13   V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Trumpets 2013" 9-05-13
V L.Lasiter  "Are You Growing?" 8-17-13   V L.Lasiter  "Trials Test Our Faith" 8-24-13
V L.Lasiter  "The Great and Terrible Day" 8-03-13   V L.Lasiter  "Evolution vs God" 8-10-13
V L.Lasiter  "To Live is Christ" 7-20-13   V L.Lasiter  "Building An Eternal Legacy" 7-27-13
V L.Lasiter  "Close the Breaches" 7-06-13   V Church  "Commit to Commitment" 7-13-13
V L.Lasiter  "Crusaders for Truth" 6-22-13   V L.Lasiter  "Who is a Sinner?" 6-29-13
V L.Lasiter  "In the Beginning, God" 6-08-13   V L.Lasiter  "God Wants to be Trusted" 6-15-13
V L.Lasiter  "The Heart Cries for Justice" 5-25-13   V L.Lasiter  "The Spirit of Compromise" 6-01-13
V L.Lasiter  "The Truth of the Gospel" 5-18-13   V L.Lasiter  "PENTECOST 2013" 5-19-13
V L.Lasiter  "Remember Rebekah" 5-04-13   V L.Lasiter  "The Great Tribulation" 5-11-13
V L.Lasiter  "Trust in God's Righteousness" 4-20-13   V L.Lasiter  "The Spirit Must Lead" 4-27-13
V L.Lasiter  "Trials Prove Your Faith" 4-06-13   V L.Lasiter  "Under Grace, Not Law" 4-13-13
V L.Lasiter  "1st Day Unleavened Bread" 3-26-13   V L.Lasiter  "Last Day Unleavened Bread" 4-01-13
V L.Lasiter  "Back to the Beginning" 3-16-13   V L.Lasiter  "To Know Him" 3-23-13
V L.Lasiter  "Self-Righteousness" 3-09-13   V L.Lasiter  "God's Precious Gift Rejected" 3-02-13
V L.Lasiter  "Temptation" 2-23-13   V L.Lasiter  "God's Precious Gift Rejected" 3-02-13
V L.Lasiter  "What Does God See?" 2-02-13   V L.Lasiter  "Why I Am a Christian" 2-09-13
V L.Lasiter  "Raising a Steadfast Generation" 1-26-13   V L.Lasiter  "Grace, or a Worthless Counterfeit"1-19-13
V L.Lasiter  "Truth Matters" 12-22-12   V L.Lasiter  "The Two Kingdoms" 12-29-12
V L.Lasiter  "The Great Rescue" 12-08-12   V L.Lasiter  "The Law of Nature" 12-15-12
V Church  "Hebrews 3-8" 11-24-12   V L.Lasiter  "The Sanctifiying Shepherd" 12-01-12
V L.Lasiter  "A Better Covenant" 11-03-12   V D.Brown  "If You Love Me" 11-17-12
V L.Lasiter  "From Moses to Jesus" 10-13-12   V L.Lasiter  "Severed From Christ" 10-20-12
V L.Lasiter  "The True Faith" 9-20-12   V L.Lasiter  "God's Word is Final" 9-29-12
V D.Brown  "Are Generational Curses Real" 9-15-12   V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Trumpets 2012" 9-17-12
V L.Lasiter  "The Forgotten Commandment" 9-01-12   V L.Lasiter  "Piercing the Darkness" 9-08-12
V L.Lasiter  "The Four Beasts" 8-18-12   V D.Brown  "Freedom Bound" 8-25-12
V L.Lasiter  "Why We Need Jesus" 8-04-12   V L.Lasiter  "Count the Costs" 8-11-12
V L.Lasiter  "The Creator's Majesty" 7-21-12   V L.Lasiter  "The End-Time Church" 7-28-12
V L.Lasiter  "America, A Nation Astray" 7-07-12   V L.Lasiter  "Father of Lies" 7-14-12
V L.Lasiter  "Once Saved, Forever Lost" 6-23-12   V L.Lasiter  "Righteous Live by Faith" 6-30-12
V L.Lasiter  "Presence Driven" 6-09-12   V L.Lasiter  "God's Passion is Order" 6-16-12
V L.Lasiter  "Pentecost 2012" 5-27-12   V L.Lasiter  "Armed and Dangerous" 6-02-12
V L.Lasiter  "Idolatry of Worldly Humanism" 5-12-12   V L.Lasiter  "God's Way" 5-19-12
V L.Lasiter  "Guard Your Focus" 4-28-12   V L.Lasiter  "A Spirit of Submission" 5-05-12
V L.Lasiter  "Last Day Unleavened Bread" 4-13-12   V L.Lasiter  "The Hezekiah Project" 4-21-12
V Brown  "The Passion of the Christ" 3-31-12   V L.Lasiter  "1st Day Unleavened Bread" 4-7-12
V Church "Testimony Service" 3-10-12   V L.Lasiter  "Gird Yourself with Truth" 3-17-12
V L.Lasiter  "Our Alabaster Box" 2-25-12   V L.Lasiter  "Consecration" 3-03-12
V L.Lasiter  "Enter the Covenant" 2-11-12   V L.Lasiter  "Salvational Issues" 2-18-12
V L.Lasiter  "Understanding Law and Grace" 1-28-12   V L.Lasiter  "JUDGING" 2-04-12
V L.Lasiter  "Beware the Subtlety of Satan" 1-14-12   V L.Lasiter  "Idols in the Heart" 1-21-12
V L.Lasiter  "Understanding the True God" 12-31-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Unconverted Church" 1-7-12
V L.Lasiter  "Judgment Comes" 12-03-11   V L.Lasiter  "You Must Be Born Again" 12-10-11
V L.Lasiter  "The Snare of Hypocrisy" 11-19-11   V Brown  "Be Ready" 11-26-11
V L.Lasiter  "The Invisible Line" 11-05-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Lamb's Book of LIfe" 11-12-11
V L.Lasiter  "Who Are the Many?" 10-15-11   V L.Lasiter  "Work the Harvest" 10-29-11
V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Trumpets 2011" 9-29-11   V Brown   "God's Love Defined" 10-01-11
V L.Lasiter-Brown  "Split Sermon" 9-10-11   V L.Lasiter  "Behold the Lamb of God" 9-24-11
V L.Lasiter  "It is Written" 8-27-11   V L.Lasiter  "Sin and the Sinner" 9-03-11
V L.Lasiter  "Freedom Through the Spirit" 8-13-11   V L.Lasiter  "Why Salvation?" 8-20-11
V L.Lasiter  "Head of the Body" 7-30-11   V L.Lasiter  "Don't Fall Short" 8-06-11
V L.Lasiter  "Hebrews 1-4" 7-16-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Faith" 7-23-11
V L.Lasiter  "The Struggle for Power" 7-02-11   V L.Lasiter  "Live in the Spirit" 7-09-11
V L.Lasiter  "Redemption of His Body" 6-18-11   V L.Lasiter  "Heart Matters" 6-25-11
V D.Brown  "Blessed are the Peacemakers" 6-11-11   V L.Lasiter  "Pentecost 2011" 6-12-11
V M.Lasiter  "Importance of the Truth" 5-28-11   V L.Lasiter  "Walk in Kingdom Power" 6-04-11
V L.Lasiter  "Think it Doesn't Matter?" 5-14-11   V D.Brown  "Love and Hate" 5-21-11
V L.Lasiter  "Who is Leading You?" 4-30-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Law of Difference" 5-07-11
V L.Lasiter  "Presented Before the Father" 4-25-11   V D.Brown  "Why the Cross?" 4-25-11
V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Unleavened Bread" 4-19-11   V L.Lasiter  "Yield to the Spirit" 4-23-11
V L.Lasiter  "Repent and be Saved" 4-09-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Two Gates" 4-16-11
V L.Lasiter  "The Kingdom of God" 3-26-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Journey" 4-02-11
V L.Lasiter  "True Ministry" 3-12-11   V L.Lasiter  "Evil and Suffering" 3-19-11
V L.Lasiter  "The Value of Christ" 3-05-11   V L.Lasiter  "The End of Self" 2-26-11
V L.Lasiter  "Broken and Poured Out" 2-05-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Last Days" 2-19-11
V L.Lasiter  "Led by the Spirit of God" 1-22-11   V L.Lasiter  "Lights in the World" 1-15-11
V L.Lasiter  "Chosen in Him" 1-08-11   V L.Lasiter  "The Law of the Spirit" 1-01-11
V L.Lasiter  "A Living Temple" 12-25-10   V L.Lasiter  "From Glory to Glory" 12-11-10
V Brown    "Prayer" 12-04-10   V L.Lasiter  "Broken and Holy in Him"  11-27-10
V  L..Lasiter  "Our New History Maker" 11-20-10   V L.Lasiter  "Our New Identity" 11-13-10
V L.Lasiter  "No Longer I"  11-06-10   V L.Lasiter  "A Clean Conscience"  10-30-10
V L.Lasiter  "Preserving the Holy Seed" 10-23-10   V L.Lasiter  "Ministry of the Spirit" 10-16-10
V L.Lasiter  "Amazing Grace" 10-09-10   V L.Lasiter  "Day of Atonement 2010"  9-18-10
V L.Lasiter  "The Lie"  9-11-10   V L.Lasiter  "Feast of Trumpets"  9-09-10
V W.Moorer "Boast in Him"  9-04-10   V L.Lasiter  "Conflict of Natures"  8-28-10
V L.Lasiter  "Your Power for Harvest"  8-21-10   V L.Lasiter  "The Blame Game"  8-14-10
V L.Lasiter  "Redeemed from the Curse"  8-07-10   V L.Lasiter  "Two Great Covenants" 7-31-10
V L.Lasiter  "Sin is Deceitful" 7-24-10   V L.Lasiter  "All Power Belongs to God"  7-17-10
V L.Lasiter  "Always be Ready to Answer" 7-10-10   A L.Lasiter  "Whole Counsel of God" 7-03-10
V L.Lasiter  "Defenders of the Faith" 6-19-10   V L.Lasiter  "God's Image of You" 6-12-10
V L.Lasiter  "Stumbling Blocks" 6-05-10   V W.Moorer  "The Good Shepherd" 5-29-10
V L.Lasiter  "Pentecost 2010" 5-23-10   V Congregation  "Mandate of Praise" 5-22-10
V L.Lasiter  "Family of God" 5-08-10   V L.Lasiter    "Scripture in Context" 4-24-10

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