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A World without Jesus? Just what would our world be like had Jesus never lived? All the armies who ever marched and all the navies which have ever sailed never changed the complexion of the world in which we live in like this one solitary life.  The Two Covenants, from Law to Faith  The Bible reveals that there are two great Covenants -Abraham's Covenant of Promise rooted in faith and the Sinai Covenant rooted in Law. What are the differences? This comprehensive study brings the truth of the Gospel to light.


The Seventh Day Sabbath in Scripture & History   Should Christians observe the Sabbath or did the Sabbath die with Jesus? Did the Apostles and the early church observe it?  Why do most Christian churches worship on the first day? The Ministry of the Spirit The Spirit places the eternal life of Jesus in us - empowers us to walk obediently and transforms us into the image of the risen Christ. The out-pouring produces the manifestation of miracles and the indwelling is the very life of Christ living in us.
Food and the Bible     Were all animals made clean for human consumption?  Are the dietary laws of Leviticus 11 no longer in effect? What does God say concerning what we are to eat?

The Truth about Generational Curses       Did you know  that the Bible says that all authority comes from God? A detailed study with Bible texts and Commentary.

Does the Bible teach Sunday?  In the beginning, God gave man the Sabbath Day as a rest. Why is it that most Christians ignore the Sabbath and observe Sunday? Is there Hope for the Dead?  Are the thousands who have never heard of Jesus condemned to a burning hell forever? Although this is a day of salvation, is it the only day of salvation? 
Does the Bible teach Tithing?  Just what is a tithe? How did the concept of tithing and giving offerings begin? Was it something that was conceived by mankind or God?  Is there a purpose for tithing? Beware the Wolf!    Followers of Jesus, who are likened to sheep, are warned to beware of wolves.  How do we identify and protect ourselves from those who prey upon us? This will teach you what to watch for.
Letters, Questions & Answers 1  Letters which we receive from all over the world, and our answers to them. This booklet also contains news of what God is doing in different parts of the world. Letters, Questions & Answers 2  Letters which we receive from all over the world, and our answers to them. This booklet also contains news of what God is doing in different parts of the world.
Gossip, the Devil's Poison  Perhaps the most effective tool in the Devil's arsenal is his use of gossip and slander. This booklet will give you understanding of how Satan uses this deadly tactic. Prophecies for the People of God  Recent and timely prophecies primarily from the Crusade Church of God. This is the "right now" Word of God spoken to His people through His Prophets and Prophetesses.
Sarah's Journal, 34 Days in the Dark Continent     In 2001 we spent five weeks holding evangelistic crusades in Kenya. We were hosted by our dear friend Joseph Kimani who pastors the Church of God 7th Day in Nakuru. Halloween's Bloody Legacy  Where did the customs associated with this observance come from? What does its observance really commemorate?  A thorough research with  references and commentary. 
Where did we get Christmas?  Did Christmas observance come from the Bible? Or does it's observance predate Jesus Christ? Was Jesus Christ ever really In Christmas? And does it matter to God if we observe it or not? Easter or Passover?      The early Church observed  the Passover, how did that change? Where did  Did Easter come from? Did Christ rise on Sunday? Was Jesus three days and three  nights in the tomb? Should Christians observe the Passover?
Clues to the Birth Date of Jesus  The timing of King Herod's death is a significant point in determining the year Jesus was born.  It is not possible to prove conclusively the date of Jesus' birth, but the Bible and History  give us some compelling clues.

Simon Magus  What happened after Simon Magus' dramatic confrontation with the Apostle Peter in Samaria? Did he repent and submit to the governing Church body, or did he start his own perverted brand of Christianity? The Bible and history give us clues
  Submission, from Your Will to God's Will           Did you know that the Bible says that all authority comes from God? A detailed study with Bible texts and Commentary.   Book of Testimonies     Read the powerful testimonies of how God is working mightily in the lives of His people. Testimonies of healings, miracles and deliverances.  
  Receive Your Healing  Jesus healed everyone who asked. Nowhere in the Bible do we find where Jesus refused to heal in His mercy. Receive Your Healing is a step by step guide to your healing.   The Marriage Covenant, and Courtship vs Dating  A study written to counsel those who are considering entering into the Marriage Covenant. Also explaining the value of courtship over recreational dating.  
  Should Christians Be Torah Observant? Is observing all the Laws of Torah a part of the New Covenant? Is it possible for a Christian to be faithful to Messiah, His Apostles and the New Covenant while being Torah Observant?        

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