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 QUESTION: "How do you know that these are the Last Days? People have always thought they were living in the End Times"

 Dear Friend, there are some unmistakable signs that we are now living in the Last Days. If this is true, then the Great Tribulation which will produce World War 3 is at the door. In Matthew 24 Jesus outlines a series of events which will take place just prior to this great time of trouble. He warned that "MANY" would "come in His Name" but would "mislead many." These are false prophets and teachers who would bring deception. Jesus said that there would be wars and rumors of wars, and an increase in natural disasters. The Apostle Paul wrote that the character of people would change to the point that they would love only themselves and their money. (2 Tim.3) In Verse 5 Paul wrote- "They will betray their friends; they will be hotheaded, puffed up with pride, and prefer good times to worshiping God. They will go to Church, yes, but they won’t really believe anything they hear."

    Prophesying of the Last Days Daniel wrote that KNOWLEDGE, TRANSPORTATION and TECHNOLOGY would vastly increase. In the past 100 years knowledge and transportation has dramatically advanced. The world has gone from horse carriages to supersonic airlines, and even into space travel. Weapons of war have gone from the sword to a dreadfully powerful nuclear arsenal which can destroy the earth hundreds of times over. Jesus said- "Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved." (Matt.24:22) Until the rise of nuclear weaponry mankind has not had the ability to bring destruction of all life.

    In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul said that Christ would not return until the End Time Beast (AntiChrist) fulfilled his mission. This man will rule a resurrected Roman Empire, take his seat in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem and claim to be God. That empire now exists as the European Commonwealth of Nations. Revelation 13 says that almost the whole world will receive his "mark" and worship him. Until Israel came back into their ancient land it would have been impossible for Paul’s prophecy to be fulfilled, but now there are plans in place to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.

    The Bible also speaks of you, -"Know this first of all, that in the Last Days MOCKERS will come. . .saying- ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation." (2 Peter 3:3-4) Now let’s recap, 1. Religious deception 2. Increase in natural disasters, 3. Knowledge vastly increased, 4. People become more selfish, 5. Weaponry which can destroy the world, 6. Last Day Mockers, 7. Rise of a great European Power, 8. Israel returning to their land. Jesus said that the generation which see these signs would see the tribulation and the return of the Lord. ARE YOU READY?









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