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 QUESTION: "I canít believe in God because of all the suffering in the world. If God really exists as you claim, then why doesnít He do something about peopleís suffering?"

 First, let me say that God has done something about the suffering in the world. Not only did God become a man in the form of Jesus to suffer death as payment for the sins of man, but He subjected Himself to a horrible beating so people could be healed of their illnesses. While on earth Jesus healed every suffering person who asked and still heals today.

    Yes, man has suffered since he was created, but before you judge too harshly remember that God did not spare Himself of suffering even unto death on the cross. Jesus never committed any wrong but willingly chose to suffer and die for the sin which man had brought into the world. Man was created with a free will. God gave him the right to choose. The first humans chose to disobey God rather than follow His instructions. The Bible term for disobedience is "sin" and sin ultimately, is the cause of all suffering.

     Have you ever thought of what it would be like to live in a world without choice? A world where people were like animals and just acted instinctively? Without choice there is no freedom, and without choice man would cease to be man. But the truth is God did create a perfect world without suffering and where the first humans had freedom. They chose to not follow Godís wisdom, and all of us who came thereafter followed the same pattern of disobedience. The result of that is the continued suffering and strife we see in the world. God did not cause the suffering yet still chose to share in it.

    The Bible teaches that as a result of Adamís sin Satan became the temporary "god of this world." The Bible also teaches that at the appointed time God will ultimately abolish Satanís rule and establish His perfect Kingdom and end all suffering.




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