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Book of Testimonies

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By: Larry R. Lasiter

In October 1980 my wife and I were expecting our third child. Her name would be Jennifer Elizabeth and she was due near the end of the month. Our first baby was born in a hospital, the second in a doctor's office and this one we would have at home using the services of Sharley Pettit, a mid-wife and personal friend. Jennifer was actually born at Sharley's house in Atkins, Arkansas.

On October 19th Treon went into labor. The labor went on and on until we knew something was not right. On October 20th we felt like we were getting close to the birth because the contractions were harder and closer together.

Treon began to have strong urges to push and at one point as the baby's head crowned Sharley could see that the umbilical cord was wrapped dangerously around little Jeni's neck! I was behind Treon holding her as she pushed.

When Sharley saw the problem she cried out "Don't push! Don't Push!" She was afraid that if Treon pushed the cord would strangle the baby or possibly break her neck. All of us went through a little panic! I felt as if all my strength had left. My legs seemed as though they were made of rubber. Then suddenly, Treon let out a cry and pushed Jennifer out of her womb.

When this happened it seemed as though everything was in slow motion. We were so afraid that the baby's neck had been broken. For a few brief moments we were frozen in time, stunned, confused and wondering what had happened. Rubbery legs and all, I tried to make my way off the bed to get a better look at my baby, all the while seeing a look on Sharley's face that said "What just happened?"

We saw that little Jeni was fine, the cord was no longer wrapped around her neck. Still everything was in slow motion. Then it was if someone hit the rewind button and played the scene back again in slow motion.

As I watched it playback in my memory I could see Sharley crying "Don't push!" and could see Treon trying hard to restrain herself. Then I saw two hands appear and unwrap the umbilical cord from the baby's neck. Just afterwards, Treon pushed and little Jeni was born safe and uninjured. I realized that the hands I saw had surely been the hands of an angel. After telling my wife and Sharley what I had seen, we all rejoiced and thanked the Lord for our miracle.



By: Larry R. Lasiter

On August 17th; 2002, a Sabbath, we received word that a member of our church was at the hospital with their 18 year old daughter. She was experiencing excruciating pain in her lower abdomen which the physicians believed to be an inflamed appendix.

To make matters worse, she was 7 months pregnant. To make matters much worse, this young woman's parents had been saved only three years earlier and she had rebelled and left home.

She had told me and her parents that she wanted to "serve the devil." She had been taking illegal drugs, practicing immorality and had set her course to self-destruction. In all of this she knew that we loved her and were continually in spiritual warfare for her, offering prayers of intercession daily.

After Sabbath services, several members of the church and I went to the hospital. In the room, we stood around her bed as she suffered. Her mother turned to me and said,- "We can pray for her." I replied, "If she wants prayer." The mother then asked her daughter,- "Do you want us to pray for you?" The girl indifferently replied,-"If you want to."

I knew that Satan had a stranglehold on this girl. And I also knew that she had invited the powers of darkness into her life,- she must now invite the power of God into her life by requesting a prayer for healing. I said to her,- "We already pray for you everyday. But if you want prayer for anointing you must ask for it." She stubbornly refused, rejecting God's involvement.

Soon afterward a surgeon and a nurse entered the room and asked that we wait in the hallway for a few minutes. The surgeon told this young woman that there was a small chance that she may die during surgery, and a 15% chance that the baby would not survive.

The news devastated the family. While they tried to comfort her the rest of us went to the waiting room. Minutes later her father came and said that she was asking for me. I went, hoping she would open her heart to receive a Word from the Lord. I stood at her bedside waiting for the invitation to ask for God's involvement.

She had great difficulty, truly a struggle was taking place within her. Part of her desperately wanted to ask for prayer, but the spiritual powers of darkness were doing their best to stop her. Her face began to distort as she began to sob, but finally said,- "Brother Larry would you please pray for me?"

As I laid hands upon her head I could feel the demons shudder as the power of God surged like electricity. I knew that God had healed her of an inflamed appendix, but more importantly had implanted Words into her being that would stay, and continually trouble the devil's plan. She also knew that she had been healed but did not say so at the time because she still did not want to totally change her lifestyle. She wanted only enough God to get out of this situation. This was an important moment. One who sows much reaps much and one who sows little reaps little. It seemed that she wanted to sow, but only a little, which meant that God would deliver accordingly.

The door opened and another physician entered. He said the first surgeon was wrong in saying that she and her baby may die. He said,- "The worst thing that could happen is that you may give birth prematurely, but the baby should be fine."

He then noticed that she was no longer vomiting, in pain or running a fever. He checked the readings on her monitor and saw they were normal. He said,- "Though the ultra-sound showed an inflamed appendix, I am tempted to wait until morning since everything seems normal now."

He asked me to step out of the room while he examined her again to determine whether to cancel the surgery or not. Moments later he quickly exited the room and said, "It is definitely appendicitis, we must get her in surgery!"

Seeing this, I knew that there were still demonic strongholds exercising their powers, so I went back to the waiting room and told the brethren there to begin praying fervently. I knew that she had been healed, but I also knew that she was holding back in professing it, and giving God the glory for it.

There in that public waiting room members of the Crusade Church of God Fellowship in Russellville, Arkansas got on their knees and began offering powerful prayers to the Living God. We prayed for well over an hour. During this time I could hear the waiting room door open and close from time to time, but we did not care for we were lost in prayer.

The physicians performed the surgery and removed a perfectly healthy appendix. The inflamation they had seen on the ultra-sound was no longer there, which of course was "impossible."

But by asking for prayer, this girl had dared the impossible and found that with God nothing is impossible. She later admitted that she knew immediately that she had been healed. Had she given God the glory at first she would not have experienced this unneeded surgery. I am convinced that the physician would have cancelled it. In prayers offered in faith, the brethren also dared the impossible and prevailed.

God has promised that those who believe would be clothed with power from Heaven. That signs and wonders would follow them as they walk their walk of faith.

We must only believe to receive, and act to see the fact. God's promises are never "yes", "no" and "maybe," but only "yes."

Notice,- "But as God is faithful, our word to you is not yes and no, for the Son of God, Christ Jesus, who was preached among you by us. . .was not yes and no, but is yes in Him. For as many as may be the promises of God, in Him they are YES." (2 Corinthians 1:18-20)




By: Larry R. Lasiter And Tammy Case

In 2004 my daughter Sarah was employed as a therapist with Mi-Child Development working with handicapped children. She became very close to a little one and half year old girl named Chavi. Chavi had been born with a brain tumor located at the base of her skull. The tumor had been growing outwardly so her physicians were delaying surgery until it was absolutely necessary. During one of her routine check ups her physician discovered that the tumor had began growing toward her brain stem. He told Tammy, Chavi's mother that emergency surgery was necessary. 

Tammy was obviously very upset and fearful for her little daughter. During this time Sarah had been witnessing the gospel to Tammy for a while but she remained entangled in sin. When Tammy told Sarah about the emergency surgery Sarah said, "If you will bring Chavi to Sabbath services Saturday to be anointed an prayed for, God will heal her." Sarah does not make a habit of making such strong claims, but she knew that it was the Holy Spirit speaking through her. 

The following Sabbath Tammy was there with Chavi and brought her forward to be anointed for healing. After I offered the prayer of faith I noticed that the tumor was still visible on the back of her neck. But we remained steadfast because faith not only believes the impossible but sees the invisible. We were confident that no surgery would be necessary.

Chavi was scheduled to go into the hospital that Thursday to have the surgery mapped out. It was then that a nurse discovered that the tumor was no longer visible. After further examination a Cat-Scan was ordered and revealed that the tumor had dissolved away. When the Physician told Tammy that the tumor must have taken care of itself, Tammy replied, "No, God healed my daughter! I took her to the Crusade Church and they anointed her - I know that God healed my child." 

About two weeks later Tammy repented of her sins and received Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Little Chavi has received a special and powerful anointing from God and tells everyone she meets about Jesus. She is very active in our church, singing special music and participating in all our evangelistic efforts. One day while sitting in the back seat of Sarah's car she made a remarkable statement. As they were passing by Saint Mary's Hospital Sarah said, "Look Chavi, there's your hospital." Chavi replied, "Yes, Jesus took my tumor off of my neck and put it right there on His neck." God's Spirit filled the car and there was no doubt that God had spoken through this little child. How could she know that Isaiah said of the suffering Messiah, "He, Himself bore our sicknesses"?

About six months after she was healed she broke her nose wrestling with her older brother. The break was so bad that little Chavi's nostril was actually split. Tammy took her to the Hospital emergency room but discovered that they were excessively busy due to a serious multiple car accident. While waiting in the crowded room little Chavi looked up into her mother's eyes and said, "I need to sing to the people and tell them about Jesus." She crawled down out of her mother's lap and walked across the room, then stood up on a stool and sang and testified about Jesus. Since the healing Tammy and her two children have been faithful members of our church and a real blessing to everyone.



By: Unidentified African Martyr

I'm part of the fellowship of the unashamed. I have the holy spirit power. The die has been cast, I have stepped over the line. The decision has been made, I am a disciple of His. I won't look back, let up, slow down, back away or be still. My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, my future is secure. I am finished and done with low living, sight walking, smooth knees, colorless dreams, tamed visions, worldly talking, cheap giving and dwarfed goals.

I no longer need pre-eminence, prosperity, position, promotions, plaudits or popularity. I don't have to be right, first, tops, recognized, praised, regarded or rewarded. I now live by faith, lean in His presence, walk by patience, am uplifted by prayer and labor with power. My face is set, my gait is fast, my goal is Heaven, my road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my guide is reliable, my mission is clear.

I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, deluded or delayed. I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of the enemy, pander at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity. I won't give up, let up, until I have stayed up, stored up, prayed up, paid up, preached up for the cause of Christ. I am a disciple of Jesus. I must go till He comes, give till I drop, preach till all know, and work until He stops me. And, when He comes for His own, He will have no problem recognizing me. . .my banner will be clear.



By: Sarah Lasiter, 2000

At work, a lady named Cindy had been away from work for quite some time. She has three children. Her two daughters I had met, but I didn't know her son. I found that the oldest, Brad, who was 8 years old was very sick. The doctors' diagnosis was that he had somehow contracted a rare bone disease and they didn't know what they could do for him. In fact, when Cindy took off work, it was to keep Brad at home. When I saw Cindy one day, I inquired about her son and she told me that his legs were covered with big red splotches that wouldn't go away. At first, he became so weak that he could not withstand an entire day of school and began attending half days. While I was working one day I saw him through the window as he was getting out of the car and I lost my breath for a moment because he was so small and having such a difficult time walking inside. Weeks later, his condition worsened and he could not attend school at all. A friend of mine at work went to visit Cindy at her house. She said Cindy came to the front door in tears saying she didn't know what to do; Brad could be heard in the back room screaming in pain.

Upon hearing this, a burden was laid upon my heart for this little boy and his family. I began to entreat God with tears and with a fervency that I had not known as the Lord gave me His compassion. I pleaded with God to touch this child, to heal him from head to toe that He would be glorified (as I had told his mother that I would be praying.) I determined to fast for three days though I had never fasted so long, because I knew if I laid my life down to such an extent, God would hear and act according to His promise.

Shortly after I ended my fast, I saw Cindy at work. I was so eager to hear from her how Brad was doing. As I approached her, she told me with joy how she was able to return to work because Brad had fully recovered! The spots on his legs had disappeared until there was not a single mark. His strength had returned and Brad was going to school again, playing ball with his friends like he'd never been sick. It was so amazing how God intervened for that little boy, not because of anything he had done and not for his parents' faithfulness, but because He is always faithful to hear the prayers of His children and because it is His delight to reveal His power and might in the face of human impossibilities!

"I will remember the works of the Lord, surely I will remember" Psalm 77:11



By: Donald Turner

Winter 1999: Very early in our walk with God, the Lord came and spoke to be twice. My wife and I had previously been drug addicts. In the two years before this I had stopped my drug abuse and I thought that my wife had also been drug free for about a year.

One day while getting ready for work, the Lord spoke to me twice in a audible voice while I was in the bathroom. I was brushing my teeth when I heard the Lord say, - "She is doing something she is not supposed to be doing."

Now I must admit that I was stunned and amazed that I had just heard this voice. Standing there in my amazement, and trying to figure out what it meant, the Lord repeated what he had just said. When He said this to me again He gave me the understanding that my wife had been hiding that she was starting to do drugs again.

Now knowing that the Lord was telling me this for a reason, I immediately confronted my wife about the drug usage. The first thing my wife did was deny it. But I said, - "The Lord told me that you were doing something wrong and I know you have. Then she confessed that she had been doing drugs off and on once again.

I give thanks to my Lord for first speaking to me like He did and for revealing to me my wife's drug problem so that I could help her. My wife and I also give thanks to God for loving us so much in this way, because there has been no more drug problems since that day. He has truly delivered us.



By: Earlene Donelson

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 17 years old. By July of 2000 I was 39 and had been addicted for over half my life. I had been raised in the church which did not permit smoking but I was able to keep this problem hidden for many years. Though I attended church services and all activities faithfully since I was a young child, I do not consider myself a real Christian until 1995. So in July 2000 I felt I had been a real Christian for just five years, but even then I still struggled with smoking and still kept it a secret. I would try to quit and would be able to for short periods of time, but though I had the desire it seemed as though I did not have the power. The real problem was, I had not given it to Jesus. The during a praise and prayer service on July 6 theLord touched me in a way that I had never experienced before. It was so wonderful that I felt as if I thirsted for more, I had a hunger for another intimate encounter with God.

It was at this time that I realized that my addiction to cigarettes was in the way, and the Lord was piercing my heart to make the commitment to quit in faith. On the way home that night I finally truly surrendered to Him and asked for help. Jesus promised that whenever we asked the Father in His name we would receive it. He tells us to let Him bear our burdens, and His Word is absolutely truth. Praise the Lord! He set me free! I found how sweet it is to have Jesus in me, and to be in Him. And I have found that there are no addictions in Jesus! Thank you Jesus.



By: Larry R. Lasiter

In 1995 I began to pray earnestly for the gifts of the holy spirit that the Apostle Paul names in his first letter to the Corinthian church. While working I would often take breaks throughout the day to devote time to prayer. One afternoon in late Summer of that year, I was working at my desk at our church building when I had an experience that I will never forget.

When I finished what I was doing, I stood up and started to walk around my desk to go to another room to pray. As I crossed in front of my desk I found myself suddenly in vision. It was as if a tunnel, or a pipe had covered my face. I could not see to my left or right, just straight ahead. I felt as though I was traveling through the tunnel, but it also seemed like the tunnel itself was moving. I could see that there was a light at the end, but it was partly obscured by what appeared to be a mist or fog.

Looking at the end I could see a cross. As I came closer I could see that someone was on the cross. As I came even closer, to my surprise, I could see that the person was me. When I reached the cross I found that I was no longer looking at myself on the cross but was looking out through my eyes as I suffered on the cross.

The completely overwhelming feeling in me was something I had never felt. It was absolutely foreign to me. I could feel the awesome power of God's love for those who had crucified Him. At this time I believed that the Lord was letting me feel the love He has for those who are lost in sin. But I realized later that the love was actually in me while I was on the cross. It was Christ's love in me coming from His presence in me through the indwelling of the holy spirit. I must say that I had never felt this powerful a love before. I really didn't recognize it. As a child I adored my mother. As an adult I loved my wife dearly and would willingly lay down my life for my children. But that love seemed almost dirty in comparison to what I was feeling on the cross. I realized then that all the love that I had ever produced was tainted by selfishness and could not be compared to the love of God.

This feeling of love so invaded the very essence of my being that it dominated the feelings accompanied by the suffering. I was absolutely in awe. At this time the Lord drew me back so I could see myself on the cross again and said, "This is what you must do." Then I felt myself entering back into myself on the cross, experiencing perfect love again, then the Lord said,- "This is how you must be." Immediately 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 seemed to enter my mind. I knew that when I read this passage that I would have a better understanding of what the Lord meant.

When I read this Scripture I realized that the gifts of God were only effective if they were exercised in godly love. The Lord was showing me that a foundation had to be laid for the spiritual gifts to be placed on, and that foundation was love. Without love, these powerful gifts would be used to glorify the bearer rather than the Giver.

The Lord was also teaching me that as a Christian I was called to be a living sacrifice. That I was to lay down my life daily in serving the needs of others. That as a true servant of Christ, I must always put others first, before myself just like Jesus did.



By: Donald Turner

Fall 2002: Our Lord does wonderful blessings. And they come in all shapes and sizes. One night my wife was preparing sloppy Joe's for dinner. She had made the sauce in the skillet and asked if I would take it off the table. On my way to the stove the Lord spoke to me and told me that the handle on the skillet was going to break off! I was both surprised and puzzled, not only because I heard the Lord, but also because this was our good skillet. Because I had heard the voice of the Lord I carefully lifted the skillet and moved it slightly off the stove. As I did this the handle did break off. If I had picked the skillet up as I normally would have, the hot, steaming Sloppy Joe mix would have poured all over my bare feet and my wife's legs! So I thank the Lord for all this blessings.



By: Larry R. Lasiter

In the Summer of 2000 I was invited to come to Kenya, East Africa to hold outdoor crusades in the fall of 2001. I accepted that invitation and began to plan my visit as the Africans began to make their preparations.

In the Spring of 2001, as my daughter Sarah hugged me one day, I noticed a jolting pain in my left breast. It felt as if there was a marble in there. Afterwards, I went to the bathroom and examined myself. I found that there was a small hard lump which caused me discomfort when I pressed on it.

During the next few weeks and months the lump grew and was even noticeable when I had my chest unclothed. It was painful enough that I would only give someone a hug at an angle that put little pressure against my left side.

The devil began whispering "You have breast cancer." "You better cancel the African Mission and seek treatment." I would be in Africa for five weeks so the devil put this thought in my mind,- "If you go to Africa the cancer will go unchecked for more than a month and will be untreatable when you return."

The holy spirit in me kept saying, "Only trust in the Lord." Many times I would awake during the night with my breast aching. I experienced sweats and anxiety. Finally, I called a meeting with my wife and children and told them what was happening. I showed them how my left breast was swollen and let them feel the lump inside. We are a faithful family, God has always been there at the ninth hour to deliver us. I told my family that I had decided to set my face like flint, put this condition out of my mind and fulfill my Evangelical Mission to Africa. Being faithful as they are, they supported my decision fully.

My daughters Sarah, 24 and Jennifer, 22, went on the Mission trip with me to open the crusades with music and to minister to the African people. During our time there we were very busy. We held 34 crusades in 34 days in four regions of Kenya. Somewhere in the middle of our stay in Africa, I noticed that there was no discomfort in my breast. I examined myself and found that I could feel no lump. I cannot say that I felt relieved, because by this time I had completely put it into the Lord's hands. I had decided that I was going to serve God and do His work and leave the consequences of those actions for Him to deal with. He did, and I was healed. What I did experience was happiness and joy, and the excitement of knowing that I had been given a testimony which would strengthen, encourage and instill faith in others.


I Am Near

By: Domenica Gordon

In March of 2003 I found myself very distraught and in depression from personal failures toward the Lord. All I could do is go to Him and weep at His feet for days despite receiving two prophecies of encouragement. My heart was completely broken in disdain and disgust with myself. My self perception of not meeting the precious standards of the Lord tormented me. I love Him so much, yet my actions, at times, show otherwise.

After I went to Him on my knees, weeping and sobbing, I went to bed weeping. I was tortured but then I felt a spiritual presence and heard the words, "Jesus feels your pain." I asked, "Who are you?" "I am your angel sent to comfort you. Jesus feels your pain," was the reply. I became inconsolable, sat up in bed anc cried out loudly, "My Lord, My Lord, Jesus My Lord!" I told the Lord all that was in my heart. How tired I was of failing and how I hated being here in this weak filthy flesh, and how I longed to be with Him. Then, I felt as if I were lying in His very lap with His very hands comforting me. I was weeping and sobbing still. In the spirit, I could see Him holding me.

Then I was sure that He had come to me Himself because my angel's words, though touching, held no comfort for my soul. Then I heard the Lord say ever so gently, "Sister, daughter, weep no more, for don't you know why you have such an awful time in the this flesh?" I listened, still weeping, then the Lord went on to tell me that because I am so sensitive to the spiritual realm that I am vulnerable to both holy and demonic influences, to enlightenment and discouragement. Their have been few born on this earth with the gift of prophecy. He said, "Receive a clear picture of Me and what I reveal to you. No, look! Do you see?" I looked and saw myself in the lap of the Lord, being comforted by Him. Then I looked deeper and saw the throne of the Almighty surrounded by a translucent sea of emerald green, clear as glass. It was so beautiful and surrounded by the angelic realm. "Don't you see how near I am? I am nigh, even at the door, and I will do mighty wonders through you and my people for an end time witness on this earth. Haven't you read, 'Who would dare bring an accusation against My elect?' Has not My blood covered a multitude of sin? Rest now daughter and look. What do you see?" I looked and saw Jesus glistening in His holy attire! He said to me, "Keep you eyes on Me, Jesus. Keep your eyes firmly fixed on me and you shall pass through the fiery trials of this flesh and overcome every evil thing. Keep your eyes upon Me, Jesus." I begged Him mot to leave me until I fell asleep, then I heard Him say, loud and crystal clear, "Haven't you heard? I will be with you and never leave you, even to the end of the age."



By: Tabitha Turner

In 1999 I looked in the mirror to see nothing but emptiness staring back at me. I had struggled with depression for much of my adult life. So I closed my eyes and fell to my knees. I heard the Lord knocking but I was afraid to let Him in. So I began to pray,-"Lord, I know I am a sinner, and I am not worthy of You." Then I heard a voice say, "But I died for You."

Then my eyes filled with tears, my heart with joy, that someone would love me enough to die so that I could be forgiven and live forever. This was a turning point in my life. I could now believe that I was forgiven.

So now as I learn the True Word of God, not just what preachers teach, but what God's Words truly are. They are not only soft but hard. I remember the first time I realized that I really was a sinner and already sentenced to Hell. And that being a good person wasn't enough to escape that sentence. Without repenting of sins and accepting Jesus no one could be saved. For the first time in my life, I went to bed afraid, thinking.- "What if I died tonight. What would be my eternal state?"

You can't just live and be a "good person" to be a Christian,- you must strive to live holy and righteous. Not being "self-righteous" or being "holier than Thou," but holy in action and words. You just let your fruits show. By faith you live by God's Commandments, living as obediently as you can.

Jesus said the road to life is a narrow road. The world's road is wide but it leads to destruction. Some people think I've lost my mind because I am trying to stay on that narrow road, but in reality I've just now found true sanity and the blessed assurance that comes with salvation.

Now when I look in the mirror, I see a child of God, even the apple of His eye,- and in the future, eternal life. I no longer see despair but hope which serves as the anchor of my soul. I can clearly see how empty the world is of the things which truly matter.

Thank You Jesus for dying for me. Thank You for being my Savior, my Redeemer and my Deliverer.

For the first time in my life I can honestly say that Jesus has made me realize that "my life," is not really mine but His and it is special to Him. And even my children are not only "my children," they are really His children only entrusted to me to care for and teach. And I full heartedly thank Him for all the blessings He has given me.



By: Treon Lasiter

In 1995, about seven years ago, my family and I went through an unusually difficult trial. During this time I made some decisions concerning my oldest daughter that I grew to terribly regret because of the eventual consequences that followed. When I came to realize my mistakes I repented deeply, because I felt I had not only let my family down by not being a stronger Christian mother, but also my heavenly Father. I had raised all my children in the Lord and we as a family had taught them God's principles and ways every day of their lives. But now I felt as if I had failed to be strong enough for my firstborn when she needed me to faithfully give her wise counsel. To make things even worse I was in opposition to my husband in the matter when I knew the Word of God told me to submit to his judgment.

I went to God in tears asking for forgiveness in prayer. I was afraid I had helped cause a child of God to fall away. I hated those mistakes and vowed before God to be faithful. But I began to feel overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, shame and unforgiveness. Every time I would kneel to God in prayer I would bitterly weep and sob, and ask to be forgiven all over again.

Soon, I began to feel it was hopeless for me and that I had even lost eternal life. That God did not love me anymore. I contemplated suicide, but I had young children at home and couldn't stand to think of what this would do to them. I would simply have to live in condemnation until the judgment, where I felt sure that I would not be accounted worthy to receive eternal life.

Even in all this, having all these terrible feelings, no one else knew I felt this way. No one knew I was experiencing guilt, shame and feelings of condemnation. When I was delivered and later gave my testimony to the congregation, everyone was shocked. Several said,- "But you are a wonderful example of what it is to be a godly wife and mother." Everyone said they had no idea that I was having such trouble, including my husband and children.

This went on until a Friday night praise service almost two years ago. I was having an unusually difficult time. The devil would whisper in my ear; " you don't belong here, you should just run away, etc... After we had been singing for about an hour, we turned the lights down low , and all went to our private places to pray. My husband and I often pray in opposite corners as it was this night.

I was so distraught , I could only pray silently,- "God, help me!" It was at that point I felt someone's gentle hands on my head and I heard my husband praying in a tongue I could not understand, but I began to feel a tremendous JOY and HAPPINESS and RELEASE that I had never experienced before! I knew now that the Lord did love me and had forgiven me all along. I was free from those shackles of guilt, shame and condemnation for the first time in years!

My husband said that as he was praying the Lord spoke to him in the spirit and said,- "Go to your wife." He did not know exactly where I was so he proceeded slowly in the dim lighting. As I was silently praying, I felt his hand take my arm and pull me toward him. It was at this time that he began touching my head and praying in tongues. But it did not seem to be his hands but the Lord's. It was as if the Lord, Himself was just caressing and loving me. My husband later told me that he felt as though he could feel the Lord's hands on me. He did not know all the meaning of the prayer he prayed over me except that at one point the Lord said,- "You are a blessed mother." At the time he did not know I had been secretly struggling for years.

The next morning I went outside to pray and read my bible. As I sat down in our yard swing, I began to joyfully thank God for His presence the night before, and out of habit, I began to repent again of the same thing, but this time, before I even got the word "forgive" out of my mouth, I heard the Lord's unmistakable voice say firmly, "Don't bring that up to Me again!" I shouted Hallelujah! And after reading a while I went inside to share what had happened with my family.

When I told my husband, he rejoiced with me and said, "She whom the Lord sets free, is free indeed!"Since that day of deliverance I have been walking in freedom and victory, knowing My heavenly Father loves me. He not only proved it by giving His only Son that I might be saved from the penalty of my sins and be with Him forever,- but also by reaching down and touching me with His healing hand of deliverance.

Since that night two years ago I have felt for the first time that I could claim what Proverbs says,- "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she SMILES AT THE FUTURE." (Chapter 31, Verse 25)



By: Donald Turner

In the fall of 2000, our church here in Russellville, Arkansas attended a two-day meeting with a number of other churches. This meeting was held in Alma, Arkansas, which is about 70 miles from my home. They began Friday night and would conclude Saturday night. After services Saturday afternoon, my wife told me that she was not feeling well and needed to go home early. I told her that I felt we should stay for the evening services, but after a short discussion agreed to start our journey back home.

After we have been on the road for about 15 or 20 minutes, my wife decided that she should go back for the evening services. This would put us home three hours later. At the time, we were short on money and had been praying for God to provide enough food to feed our family.

Well, we were blessed by the services, and were happy that we had come back for them. Not only were we blessed by the services, but God gave us a special blessing on our way home. Approaching our driveway, only about a quarter of a mile away, I saw a deer laying on the side of the road. I went back to look and found that the deer was still warm and in one piece. It had recently been shot in the neck and had just bled to death. I loaded up the deer, took it home and enjoyed eating of it for weeks.

My this was not the only blessing of the night. When we got home, my in-laws were unexpectedly there. They told us the police had just left! When they had arrived and saw that we were gone and the doors were locked, my father-in-law climbed up to a second-story window and entered into the house. He was intending to go down and unlock the door so the others could come in. But just as he went through the window he encountered an intruder in the room! This apparently frightened the intruder as much as it did my father-in-law, as he went one way that my father-in-law went quickly back out the window. Just at this moment they heard a car drive into the yard, heard a car door shut, then the car sped off.

So in that night we were blessed not only by the services we went back to, but the deer we found on the way home and by the intruder leaving before we got home. After examining the house we found nothing out of place or missing. Not only did God answer our prayers in providing food for us but also protected us from harm. Had we not gone back to services, and had come home early, we may have come face-to-face with the intruder who had been in our home. Obviously, in all this God's Angels were watching over us.



By: Jennifer Lasiter


We had a wonderful praise and prayer service this night. Dad prayed and asked for the spirit to move us to testify. I had been much less than a faithful servant and child, and I felt as if I'd begun to receive a refreshing from the spirit. So I prayed aloud and God really inspired my words and I felt set free. After everyone prayed, Dad said he was told to pray and bless each person individually. One brother was told he'd been given the gift of teaching, one young sister was given the gift of revelation to be revealed in the future. When he got to me, he said I was a blessed child of God. He prayed that God would remove the doubts in my heart when I think that He's not very pleased with me. Dad also said he was told to touch my mouth and say three times that my lips are gold and anointed the words that would come from them. Praise Jesus!



This testimony came from another anointed Friday night service. We sang and worshiped and then Dad prayed and opened the floor for testimonies and prayers. I didn't really think I had anything to say, but when I decided I should, I started and God really charged and inspired my words. We all knelt there in the dark while the music played while Dad led us in prayer. We raised holy hands to the Lord in adoration and diligently sought the gifts of the spirit as well and individual blessings. I was filled with a humbleness and love for the Lord in the spirit, but we were praying for a touch from God and I still hadn't felt anything. Near the end, I asked silently for God to touch me through Dad. So when it was over, I was standing by myself while some of the others were hugging. Dad motioned for me. I went and hung on to him, and was thinking of how thankful I am to have him and how much I love him. Mom and Sarah were sitting a few feet away singing a simple 'Hallelujah' chorus. Dad started humming to me. At first, I thought he was humming with them, but their's was a very simple melody and I noticed Dad's was a bit more complex. It was at that moment (knowing Sarah had received her two weeks ago tonight) that I was about to hear my heritage song for the first time. Dad said he felt me tremble when I figured it out. I perceived that the song wouldn't actually start until some other brethren left the room. When they did, the most beautiful words I have ever heard proceeded to come out of his mouth, words in another language I could not understand. He sang to me a song about my past, present and future. A song of my heritage. Directly after he finished singing, he rested his head on mine and said something. Later, I sat in Dad's lap and asked him if he understood any of what he had said and sang. He said he didn't have any idea. Then the spirit of revelation came upon him and he said aloud that children will sing it. It will be used to teach them. A quick little thought crossed my mind from the enemy, that it would be used to teach them what not to do. Then Dad stated the obvious. It will be sung by children to teach them how to be, how to do it right. At a time when I was feeling unworthy, God looked straight through it and saw my heart. He saw that I wanted to love Him and worship Him will all that I could give. And He touched me. I had asked for the assurance and He gave it.


3. A friend of mine and I had recently begun Bible studies together. We worked together in a classroom with one other co-worker. On this particular day, our co-worker was not in class because her young daughter was not well. Not knowing any details, when we started our Bible study that afternoon, we prayed for this child. We carried on and studied the Word until it was time for me to come home. Later that night, I received an instant message from the co-worker whose daughter was ill. She told me she'd be back at work the next day because her daughter was fine. I asked what the problem was, and she explained that her child had a shunt in the back of her neck and there was severe swelling around it which could be very dangerous. As we were about to sign off, she mentioned that the swelling started to decrease at exactly 5:30. I didn't realize it immediately, but in a moment or two, I recalled that was the precise time my friend and I had prayed for this child's healing. This woman is not a practicing Christian, so it was a great opportunity for me to witness of God's healing power and compassion.


I was blessed on July 18, 2000. This day was four days after I was baptized and received the holy spirit. I had come home for a 20 minute lunch break from work. My older sister had already received her blessing, so I was not surprised when I walked in the door and everyone told me my Dad was waiting for me upstairs. We knelt together and through his tears, Dad gave me the words from the Lord. I was blessed with 'peace, prosperity, and health'. And God also said "'as the heart is to the body, so shall she be to my people' thus saith the Lord." He also said I will touch His people through my hands, and that I am highly esteemed. He had me put my fingertips together and feel my pulse in them. Also, Dad was told to pour the vial of oil on my head and not to rub it off. For the fulfillment of the blessing, the oil was to stay on for three days.



By: Earlene Donelson

What a wonderful, loving God we serve! My name is Earlene Donelson and I was baptized into Christ in 1994 at the age of 34. Growing up I don't remember not knowing about Jesus, but you can know about Him without knowing Him. As a Christian I knew that He died to save the world, for each person, according to His Word, the Bible. But I also knew there was a little doubt in my mind that He died for me personally.

I had been asking Him in prayer to take me to the cross. To make the cross more real to me. Then during a praise and prayer service, He did. I saw Jesus on the cross, in darkness, and I could hear the crowd taunting - "save yourself!" But Jesus replied - "No! If I do that Earlene will die!"

Praise Jesus! Now I know that Jesus is my Savior. He knew me before I was, and he loves me. He is my Jesus and the Father is my Father. The devil can never tell me again that I am not worthy. My condition may not be worthy, but my position in Christ is worthy indeed. There is no doubt, as He said, - "Ask and you shall receive." Praise God!



Sarah Lasiter 2000

When I was working in an infant classroom, there came a very small baby named Melanie. She was diagnosed with a lifelong disease and often had health trouble. She slept with a heart monitor and was fed through a tube in her stomach. Thin and frail, a lot of times she would have severe tummy pains and she would cry until we somehow comforted her. One day, she was having such a terrible morning. She could not rest for the pain. I did everything I knew to help her: rocked her, fed her, patted her back while she laid in her bed, turned the lights out, sung to her and did all that I was taught to do for situations like this, but she only cried more. Even as I had been trained, I used an abdominal gas tube to relieve any trapped gas or fluids in her stomach. Nothing I did could help this time.

I called my supervisor who came at once and began trying to soothe this little girl with all the tactics which in her experience, one or the other, always work for times like these. But nothing she did helped either. So she transported all the other children under my care into another classroom for time being because all my attention had to be focused on Melanie and the noise level in the room was far too high for the others with this baby's screaming and crying. Then, she paged the school nurse who also came in and when she was told of all that had already been done, she left to contact Melanie's mother, having no suggestions. My supervisor, who was still with me, left from the room and said she would be right back. She had laid Melanie back in her bed and she was writhing there; she couldn't be still and when I gave her my finger to hold she squeezed with all her might.

I was alone there for a moment, so I placed my hands on her and prayed, "Father, touch this child. Heal her, Lord. There's nothing we can do." As soon as I finished the prayer, I picked her up and held her against my chest. She had stopped crying in an instant, the first time in over an hour. I walked around the room with her, thanking God for his touch and mercy. She was looking around the room, smiling and sucking on her fingers like nothing had ever happened and when my supervisor returned, she stood on the other side of our half-door and just stared with nothing to say. I turned around to look at her, having known she was there and she asked, "What did you do?" I said, "It wasn't me. I just prayed over her and she stopped. God did it." What a witness! When we find ourselves hopeless, we also find that Jesus is our hope and all it takes is a touch.



By: Earlene Donelson

In early April 1980, there was an outbreak of tornadoes across Arkansas. One of them touched down in Clarksville which is about four miles west of our house. I had seen on television that it had destroyed the county library there. Upon hearing this news I decided to walk out onto our front porch where my brother was standing to tell him about it. When I opened the door he quickly pointed west, and there in front of us was a tornado headed straight in our direction! There was no time for anything but a quick prayer for protection. As we stood helplessly watching, the tornado parted into two separate twisters, one headed north and one headed south.

All my life I had heard the story where God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, and now I had seen with my own eyes God split a tornado in two. Though we had strong winds as these two passed by we were completely protected and suffered no property damage. I praise the Lord! For He is Master of the wind.



By: Larry R. Lasiter

In the Summer of 2000 our Church (Crusade Church of God, Russellville, Arkansas) began having Friday night praise and prayer services from 7:30 pm till about 10 pm. The purpose of these meetings was to pursue the manifest presence of God. We wanted more than to just worship the Lord, we wanted Him to show up in ways which could not be denied. We would praise Him and pray that we may even see His presence.As we drew nearer to the Lord we found that we had a thirst and a hunger for His manifest presence. He was our Father and Jesus our Savior and we desired intimate fellowship. During these meetings it was common to receive a touch from the Lord. We would often feel His presence and His power would sometimes run through us like a electrically charged river.

During this time God became so real that I cherished His presence much like I did my wife or one of my children You know how you long to see, hear and touch someone you love who has been away for a while? Reading their letters, looking at their photographs, evening talking with them on the phone is not satisfying enough,- you just feel a real need to see them in person, to touch them. When you are apart from someone you are very close to, you find that you really miss them dearly. As I became more and more intimate with my Heavenly Father and my Beloved Savior, I began to sense that same feeling inside,- the feeling of missing someone's presence. I also came to understand that the Lord was even more eager for my presence than I was for His. I began to see that even His insistence that His children walk in obedience was designed to make it possible for Him to draw even nearer to us. After all, I am His child and He is not only my Creator, but My Father.

Like a child, feeling His presence and His touch was wonderful but not enough. Like Moses, I wanted to actually see Jesus. Friday after Friday I would pray that Jesus would let me see Him. Then one day while ministering to a woman from New York who had fled an abusive husband, I asked if she and her three young children would like to spend an evening with my family cooking out on nearby Mt. Nebo. She happily said "Yes."

While we were grilling burgers we noticed that there were two young women camping in the spot next to us. We heard Christian music playing on their jam box and saw one of them kneeling at the edge of the mountain praying. A little while later they walked by our site to go to the restroom. My daughters Sarah and Jennifer stopped them and visited with them about Christ for a few minutes. They invited my girls to come over to their camp after they ate.

After dinner, my girls walked over to their camp and began witnessing for Christ and reading the Scriptures with them. It was a beautiful, clear night with a full moon. At our site, we sat and visited and watched those young women fellowship across the way.

At about 10 pm we began to load up to return home. After we finished packing the two vehicles we brought I called for my girls to come. They began to wrap up their conversations at that point. I was only about 30 feet away and could see them clearly in the bright moonlight. I wanted to hurry them a little so I took my mag light and flashed it a couple of times at them. It was at this time that I noticed that there was a tall young man standing with his back to me, with two girls on one side and two girls on the other side of him. He was wearing a cap, white tee shirt, red shorts, white socks and athletic shoes. When I flashed my light, the girls decided to immediately end the meeting with a prayer. I saw the four young women kneel down to pray and noticed that the young man stretched his long arms out over them as He went down with them.

By the time my two girls finishing praying and came to their car I was already in mine. They rushed up to my window and excitedly said, "It was awesome!" They both said, when Sarah was praying that they felt as if "God was right there!"

After we arrived back home my wife said we needed to go to the grocery store for milk which would be needed for breakfast in the morning. As my wife and I were about to go, Sarah said, "So, we are going to have to wait until you come back to tell all about our witnessing?" My wife and I immediately said "No!" "The store can wait, let's hear it!"

When they began telling us about the prayer that ended their meeting I asked "Who was that young man that was there?" My daughters looked at each other surprised and said, "What young man?" I said, "The tall young man in the white tee shirt that put his arms over you while you prayed." Suddenly we all felt the unmistakable surge of power in the room that so often accompanies God's presence and we all knew that the young man which only I could see had been Jesus! He was "right there with them" as they prayed. And He had answered my prayer and let me see Him. I am forever thankful for His thoughtfulness in appearing to me in such a tender way. I had actually worried a little that I would be frightened,- the Lord is so awesome in His glory.

After many tears of joy and much rejoicing, my wife and I did finally go to the grocery store. After returning and stepping out of our vehicle, we heard loud praising and more rejoicing. Looking up, I saw my daughter Sarah, 22 (at the time) on the roof top glorifying God with all of her heart. Let me say, my home is in downtown Russellville, and my house has two stories,- so not only did the host of Heaven hear Sarah's rejoicing and praise but so did many of our neighbors and those driving by.



By: Larry R.Lasiter

In late Summer of 1995 a couple who had just begun attending our congregation invited my family and I, along with a number of brethren from our church to their home for a cook out. The woman had told me previously that sometime back she had awakened from sleep to see three spirits at the foot of her bed. She told me that it frightened her and wanted to know whether I thought they had been angels or demons. I told her that with no more evidence than I had, I could not be sure.

This couple lived on a small ranch, this is where the cook out was. While some of the brethren were inside the house visiting, her husband and I were outside at the grill. Suddenly, his wife came running from the house in a panic. She was gasping for air as if she was being choked by someone.

As she reached us she stopped and pleaded for help. Her husband sought to comfort and calm her but she was still holding her throat and laboring to breathe. Immediately, I felt in the spirit that the problem was not merely physical but demonic in nature. I asked the man if there was a quite room for us to go to and he quickly led me to his computer room in the back of the house.

We knelt on the floor to pray and as I laid hands upon her head I said, "I rebuke you foul spirit, come out in the Name of Jesus!" As the woman trembled I saw a dark, shadowy essence flee and pass right through the corner of the ceiling.

She asked me, "Was my problem a demon?" I said "Yes." She was full of joy and turned to her husband and said, "When I walked into this room it was so dark (the lights were on) but now it is so light!" "And I can hear again!"

After a few moments, her husband stood and began to nervously just talk away. She and I were still sitting on the floor. When I noticed that I was still holding her hand, I gently let go. Only minutes later, I heard the Lord speak in the spirit,- "Take her hand." So as discretely as I could I reached over and held her hand again. Shortly, I heard the Lord say, "Tell her that I will never let go of her hand." Well, I waited for a couple of minutes, not wanting to interrupt her husband. Then I heard the Lord again, but this time pressing me to say,- "Tell her that I will never let go of her hand!"

I should have promptly obeyed the Lord, but I'm ashamed to say I didn't. I found myself just too embarrassed to interrupt her husband and say that message. So I talked back to the Lord in the spirit and said,- "Lord, please, You can tell her." As soon as I gave that thought to the Lord I saw her countenance change, then she stopped her husband and said,- "The holy spirit just spoke to me for the first time." Pointing to my hand in hers she said,- "And it came through his hand."

After saying this she began to weep uncontrollably for a time. After regaining her composure she began to tell a story about an event that happened in her childhood that had tormented her for her entire life.

When she was born her father was away serving in the military. He always treated her differently than her sister because he believed that he had not fathered her. When she and her sister were very little their father took them swimming. The water had a current so he had both girls on an floatation device. Suddenly, both girls fell off into the water. This man looked at her and stretched out his hand toward her, then looked back at her sister. When he saw that both girls were in danger of drowning he drew his hand back from her and went to save her sister. As a result, she was carried downstream and almost drowned.

That day, she saw that her father had made a distinction between her and her sister. She said that every bad decision that she had made since that time could be traced back to that event.

Her earthly father had let go of her hand. God knew it was important for her to know that her Heavenly Father would never let go. Obviously, this simple act meant so much to this woman. I have to admit that when I heard the Lord say.- "Tell her I will never let go of her hand,"- that I thought it was just a "nice" thing to say. I had no idea of its significance and what it would mean to her.

I learned that day to always just do what the Lord tells me to do without questioning it. As His servant, I understand that I am to act as His legs, His mouth, His arms and His hands. The Lord works through us. He helps people through us. He touches people through us. And sometimes He speaks through us too.



By: Larry R. Lasiter

Twenty five years ago in 1977 I started an outdoor advertising business here in Russellville, Arkansas doing graphic design for business logos, signs, tee shirts & caps and lettering as many as two hundred trucks a year. After entering the ministry my oldest son Michael began to take up the task of helping me operate the business so I could devote the necessary time in ministering to others. Eventually I will phase completely out and he will run the business entirely.

A few years ago we were contracted by a rural fire department to design the logo for their trucks and then letter them. In the Summer of 2002 they purchased another truck and needed to have it lettered. So they sent a man named David to us to see when we could do the job. I had never met David beforehand.

This is how it happened. One day, my son Michael and I were sitting at our desks when we saw a truck drive into the driveway. We watched a middle-aged man get out of this truck with physical difficulty. Our steps to our door are steep and we saw that he was in pain as he made his way up.

Inside, he introduced himself and gave us the information for the job. When he mentioned that he had just come from a physician visit I asked him what was ailing him. He said that he had been experiencing pain in his back and that the X-Rays showed that he had a ruptured disk.

When David said that, I heard the holy spirit say,- "It's not his disk, it is cancer." This took me by surprise. Only once before had God revealed to me a medical condition that was unknown to the person with it. I did not tell David what I heard the Lord say. I felt that I should just add him to my prayer list. As he left he gave me a phone number of another fireman who would meet me at the Fire Department when we were ready to letter the new truck. So, I did not expect to see David again. As he left, my son Michael said,- "God does not want him to have to live in that condition. I believe God wants to heal that man."

The next week when the signs were ready, we called the number of the fireman we were to meet. His wife answered the phone and said that her husband was forced to make an unexpected trip out of town. She gave me David's number and told me to call him and he would meet me at the department. She also said that I should wait about an hour because he was at the hospital having a Cat-Scan done on his back.

This is when I knew that God wanted me more involved than just praying from a distance. The Lord was obviously arranging for us to meet again, even immediately after he would have just had a Cat-Scan.

It was at this time I told my wife Treon what all had happened and asked her to be praying for his healing and for God's direction on me. I took my booklet "Receive Your Healing" and my anointing oil with me. On the way there I told Michael what the holy spirit had said to me and that I was sure that David would tell us that he just found out what we already knew,- that he had cancer of the spine. We prayed as we drove and talked about what a great testimony it was going to be when David received his healing.

By the time we finished the job it was dark. Michael, David and I were standing outside the department at my vehicle when I asked,- "What did the Cat-Scan show today?" He was a little shaken and his voice trembled as he said,- "They found several spots on my spine about the size of quarters." Then he said,- "They think it is cancer but they would not say they are sure." "They want me to have an MRI done."

It was then when I told David what the Lord had said to me the day when he came by the shop. I told David that I truly believed that the Lord told me his real condition because He wanted me to anoint him for healing. I asked him if he believed in God and in Jesus as the risen Son of God. He said "Yes, but I haven't been going to church." I told him that while on earth the Lord healed even sinners who asked in faith with a repentant heart. He told me that he did believe and that he wanted to be anointed. So Michael and I laid our hands on him and prayed a prayer for healing in the Name of Jesus. Michael later said that he could feel the power of God as the Lord touched this man. As we left I told David to give God glory for his healing and to give us his testimony when the physicians learn of his healing.

About two weeks later Michael and I were traveling to Pocahontas, Arkansas to pick up a visiting pastor from Africa when our cell phone rang. Michael answered and Treon was on the other end. She was jubilant! She said that David had just come by after having the MRI and insisted that she call us immediately with the good news that they found no cancer! We rejoiced and praised the Lord all the way to Pocahontas. Once there we shared the miracle with Brother Chris Barr and the church of the Little Children of Jesus Christ. We all thanked the Lord for His mercy and His love.



Sarah Lasiter 7/20/01

Tonight, after our worship service and prayer, my Dad motioned for me to come over to him. I crawled across the room and sat in his lap, resting my head on his shoulder. He was rocking back and forth, then began to speak in tongues. I was listening and enjoying the sound. As he continued to rock, he began humming a tune that I did not know. It was lengthy and I wondered had I heard it before.

After a long interlude, he sang in the Spirit words that were so sweet, so precious and yet I knew not what they meant. I have heard him speak in tongues many times, but never had I heard him sing them. When the song had finished, he said to me, "The Lord's singing to you, Baby." How wonderful! How unspeakably wonderful, because not only had I just been asking God to touch me but God was singing to me! A beautiful song like a lullaby. And at the time Dad was singing, he placed his hand on my head and it was truly as if the Lord Himself were touching me and blessing me.

Afterwards, while we recounted this amazing experience Dad testified that he was feeling a deep trembling on me, like butterflies fluttering from head to toe and like a dove. It was the fluttering of the Spirit in me! I went upstairs to pray and I asked God to reveal the meaning of this. I did not know at the time that during the worship service Dad asked for the spirit of revelation, but I asked him if he knew what he was saying when he spoke in the Spirit. He didn't recall initially, and somehow I knew that he would say no. Then suddenly he knew and the power of God struck him. I could see it on his face as if he were receiving an urgent message from the Lord. God has revealed that the song was one of my heritage. Perhaps God was pronouncing what would be and then singing my song. As the interpretation continued to come, we learned that this is a song about my life, things I've done and things I will do. A song sung by thousands of people, my Heritage Song, and my Lord allowed me to hear it first from Him.

I've never asked for anything like this; I'm dumbfounded and overwhelmed. In me tonight, there's this terrific feeling of humility, being held in the arms of the Almighty knowing my life is already written.

Dad could feel God's love for me, very intimate and very personal, and while I was imagining myself being held by my heavenly Father, in actuality I was. I cannot describe how I feel right now... bless the Lord, o my soul!

"So also you, since you are zealous of spiritual gifts, seek to abound for the edification of the church. Therefore let one who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. What is the outcome then? I shall pray with the spirit and I shall pray with the mind also; I SHALL SING WITH THE SPIRIT and I shall sing with the mind also." The Apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 14:12-15)



Friday evening worship service- May 2, 2003

Sarah Lasiter

My eyes were closed and my hands were lifted up in praise as we sang "Lord, Have Mercy." Suddenly, an image appeared in my vision - it was our God on His throne! Glory was emanating from Him; the brightness seemed almost blinding. There were rays of white stretching far and though I stood from a distance, I felt as though I could fall to the ground. My knees were weak, there was a tingling throughout my body and I put my hands out in front of my face to protect my eyes from this great Light.

As I looked, I saw between my fingers (though my natural eyes were still closed) this One whose glory exceeded far beyond that of the sun. I saw my hands as they appeared as black shadows in from of me. The feeling was unforgettable; I could feel His perfection and purity. I knew there was no guile in Him and nothing unclean. There was a yearning in me to be nearer, but I stood in the awe of that moment... This is the presence of God. And just as it came, it was gone.

I was thanking the Lord for giving it to my eyes to see His glory and then I realized, my own flesh was shielding my face from Him. So often, I have asked to see Him but perhaps by my deeds I show that I only want to see Him from a distance. I bitterly repented then for putting fleshly things before Him and could only weep at the thought of spending eternity without ever drawing near unto Him in the fulness of His perfection, glory and the love with which He changed my heart and set the course for my life. Now, my hope and prayer is that He will be perfected in me and I in Him until I see face to face, in that day, unashamed.

Faithful is He who calls me and He will also bring it to pass. Hebrews13:6



By: Name Withheld

I was born in Saudi Arabia as a member of a Muslim family. We were a very happy family, and I loved my relationship with them. I also felt very happy because I did all the things that God asked me to. I had learned one sixth of the holy Quran by heart and a lot from the Hadith. When I was a teenager, I was an Imam for the mosque.

I was always very serious to do all that God ordered me to do--fasting during Ramadan, praying five times a day or more, Hajj and so on. I was, at that time, very much desiring to meet God at the last day, even when I had no guarantee. But I had always hoped for this. My hope grew when I started to think about fighting in the name of God (Jihad) in Afghanistan. I was sixteen years old. My parents would not let me go because I was too young. So I decided to wait until I was old enough.

I always had love and respect for the Muslim people. There was no love or respect in my heart for the Christians, and the Jews were my first enemy, of course. After some time, the devil found his way into our home and our life, and my life became very hard. Slowly I drifted far away from God until the time that I believed in no God at all.

My life became busy. I had a very good job and earned a lot of money. Still, I was not happy because I was afraid for the day that I would die. Sometimes a question came to my mind--will I be with God in heaven or not? And it was very frightening to think about this, even for seconds, that I would not be there. What about my future?

One day I had a big problem in my life. I was in my room looking through the window up to the sky. Then I remembered God, and I wanted to pray to him to ask him for help, but which God should I pray to. Allah? I was sure that he was very angry with me because I had not prayed for a very long time. Or Jesus? I knew He had done a lot of miracles in the lives of other people. Then I said, "Jesus help me!" I don't know why I spoke like this. I sat down on my bed and spoke to myself, "What is this stupid thing you just did?" Anyway, I did not expect anything to happen or the problem to go away. However, one and a half days later, my problem was solved! I decided to find out who this Jesus is. Is he God as the Christian people say, or is he a prophet, as I know from Islam? At this time, I left my country and went to Europe.

On the third day, my circumstances became very difficult for me, and I decided to go back to the Middle East. During that night I had a dream. I was standing in a cross shape with a low wall around it. In my right hand, I had a big stack of white unwritten papers. I was standing at the cross beam, and I was looking to a small group of people who were standing at the top. They all wore long white clothing, but one of them was different. He was standing at the right side, and he was leading the people through a door in the wall. Beyond the door was light, and I could not see what was in there. One moment I was standing in the dream, and the next moment I was seeing the cross from above. It was difficult for me to understand this. When I woke up the next morning, I felt a very beautiful happiness in my heart that I never had before. And I felt a love in my heart and from inside my body a very special feeling. I felt also I just wanted to walk and to walk and to ask every one I met, do you know Jesus? It was more than a great feeling. It was happiness that I had never known before in my life.

After one year of reading the Bible in an honest way, I understand now what happened to me. I found my way to God, the real God, the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope now for all the people I love, my family, my friends, and everyone else to change also and begin to read the Bible in an honest way. I am sure that God will help them to find their way.

I feel love in my heart, and I am very happy to know Jesus. When I was a Muslim, I could never imagine that the Christians were right. After that, I found out how much God loves me, and I became a Christian. Yes, He loves me, He loves you, and He loves the whole world. Jesus Christ loved us, and He still does. And don't forget in the last day nobody can save us, only Jesus Christ. Come to know Jesus before it is too late.






Points of Truth Ministries