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Exposing Lies


30 minute programs which reveal the truth on things you only thought you knew

Is Christmas Christian? -Santa Claus, mistletoe, evergreens, and a December 25 birth date? This program exposes the pagan origins of the holiday.   The Truth about Easter -Where did the name "Easter" come from and how did it get attached to the resurrection? Color eggs and sun-rise services?   Who Deserves to go to Hell? -Is Hell only for the very wicked? Will few or many go to Hell? How can Hell be avoided? The answer may surprise you.   God's True Sign -Jesus said that there is only one sign that would prove who the Messiah was. Was Jesus crucified on a Friday? Was Jesus resurrected on Sunday?
The Silent Holocaust -Compares the Jewish Holocaust with the current holocaust of the unborn. Exposing the scourge of abortion and its devastating effects.            

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!