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Jenny's Gold Necklace

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

"Then Peter said the Him, ‘Behold, we have left everything and followed You; what then will there be for us?’" Matthew 19:27

There was a little girl name Jenny who loved to go shopping with her mother. One day while in the grocery store check-out line, Jenny noticed a little toy gold necklace. Whenever she went to the store with her mother she would look at the little necklace.

 One day she told her mom that she really loved the necklace and asked if she could have it. Jenny’s mom told her that she would give her some chores to do so she could save money to buy it for herself. Jenny was excited and was always asking her mother and even her grandmother if she could do something to earn some money.

Finally the day came when Jenny had saved enough money to buy the little necklace. She wore it out of the store that day and never wanted to take it off. She wore it in the bath and she wore it to bed.

One night when Jenny’s father came in to tuck her in bed he asked, -"Jenny, will you give me your little gold necklace?" Jenny was startled and told her dad that he could take any of her toys but pleaded for him to not ask for her little necklace.

This took place three nights in a row until her father saw Jenny sitting cross-legged on her bed, head down and hand out-stretched. Without looking up Jenny said, -"Here daddy, you can have my gold necklace." She was whimpering a little cry as she opened her little hand to reveal her most cherished possession.

 Jenny felt her father’s hand as he took the necklace, but then could feel that he had placed something in its place. She looked up and opened her eyes and saw in amazement that she was holding a real genuine gold necklace! Jenny’s father had it in his pocket each night, but it was only when she was willing to let go of the cheap imitation that she could receive the real thing.

Jenny’s father had seen how much she loved her little imitation gold necklace and knew that it would soon lose its shine and color. Our Heavenly Father wants so much to give us every good thing and is waiting until we are willing to let go. He knows that the treasures of this world fade away and wants to give us true riches which will last for eternity.

 Jesus told His followers to not store up their treasures on the earth but in heaven. Whatever we are willing to let go of will determine what God is willing to give in replacement.



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