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Feast of Tabernacles 2018 Testimonies


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We sponsored the Feast of Tabernacles 2018 again at beautiful Camp Wyldewood in Searcy, Arkansas. We enjoyed eight days of celebrating before the Lord and of having divine fellowship with each other. The theme for this yearís Feast was "You Have Come to Mt Zion." We have three evening ceremonies that are always particularly meaningful and powerful-"The Christian Concert by Signet", "An Evening in the Court of King Jesus Banquet" and the evening "Last Great Day Worship, Prayer and Testimony Service." The following testimonies will be from the evening service ushering in the Last Great Day.

We never know exactly what God wants to do, nor how He wants to do it during this time. So, I always isolate myself in prayer and mediation the afternoon prior and just listen for instructions. Also, everyone in attendance to this Feast had been asked to offer fervent prayers for this event.

What we always do is set up rows of chairs facing each other with a large open space in the middle in order to rise and come together. At the front between the rows we have two mic stands, one for taller people and one for shorter people-in order that they may testify as the Lord moves them.

This year the Lord moved me to set an Altar in front of the mic stands and told me that this was the Altar of Consecration. Then He told me to set an Altar in the back and said this is the Altar of Encounter. It seemed uncomfortable to me since our Sanctuary, nor any Sanctuary I have ministered in for the past 44 years had an Altar. Then I heard the Lord reassure me that we actually worship at His Altar on Mt Zion, but that there is great value in earthly shadows of the Heavenly realities-these two Altars were shadows, but shadows of Heavenly realities. Then He brought to my attention that the weekly Sabbath and all the Holy Day Festivals are earthly shadows of Heavenly realities, but He still wants us to observe them.

This year the Lord moved me to have a song entitled "I Surrender" to open this service. I had not remembered the lyrics to this song but I knew it was significant to the Lord. As I listened I then realized that the vocalist began singing "Here I am, down on my knees again, surrendering all. And find me here, Lord as You draw me near, desperate for You, desperate for You." It then follows with a plead to "Speak to me now." In my mind I could see the vocalist offering a desperate prayer at an Altar to encounter the Presence of God and to hear Him speak. It was also during the playing of this song that the Lord moved me to have the Elders come forward to anoint the Altars. As we came to the Altar of Encounter I encountered the manifest Presence of God-heavy and thick like moving through water. It was powerfully emotional.

After this song we all moved in the center of the hall to raise our voices and arms in enraptured praise. God then moved me to direct the brethren to seek out one another, embrace and say "If I have ever offended you or hurt you, please forgive me, I love you." And I gave the instruction that if you feel unable to do this, go to the Altar of Consecration and pray first. Many wonderful things happened during this servicePRAISE THE LORD! Larry R. Lasiter, Pastor

Godí Manifest Presence Appears

Being a new member of the Crusade Church, this was my first Feast of Tabernacles. It was about 4pm Sunday. We were having services at 7:30 to bring in the last great day. I felt led to go down to the bluff overlooking the Little Red River for some alone time with the Father. At first I was just admiring the view. Then I got down and started to pray. Aside from the more personal things, I also kept asking the Father to manifest his Presence. When I looked up I noticed a dandelion rising up out of the valley. When I started to focus on it, it started to move towards me. Eventually it was just hovering about 15-20 ft in front of me at a standstill.

I was excited but then my skepticism started to kick in. And the moment I began to question if this was just coincidence, the air around me started to sparkle. It was like pixie dust had just been dropped from the sky. I stuck around for a little while and took it all in. I didn't want to leave. But I also knew that something special was going to happen later at services so I headed back. Never in my life have I ever experienced anything like that before. Later on, after sharing my story I learned that Pastor had a similar experience. From which he got the name for this ministry. "Points of Truth Ministries Ė Bringing points of light into a dark world." For this reason it says, "Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you. -Ephesians 5:14

Randall Bustard


"Come be filled-encounter Me"

As I came into the sanctuary I noticed what looked like an altar sitting up front by the podium. I wondered about this and was in prayer about it before people arrived. I was somewhat uncomfortable in the flesh because it was something new. Then Pastor Larry explained that there were two altars. One was the Altar of Consecration and the other was the Altar of Encounter. I heard something during this time, " come and be filled". I forgot to tell this during my testimony the next day during services.

Shortly after hearing this I went to the Altar of Consecration to pray and ask Godís forgiveness and ask for my burdens to be lifted and my heart made new. I went and sat down in my chair and I heard an audible voice pleading, "encounter me". Fear struck my heart because to walk into the Presence of God and not be completely clean gave me great fear.

And thinking what if I hadnít laid it all down. I heard again, "encounter me". Fear still struck me and I didnít want to move out my chair. I heard for the third time, " encounter me". Elder Bryan Lewis then went up to the microphone and said that God wanted us to come to the Altar of Consecration, and I felt that he was talking to me and I was moved to go again to the Altar of Consecration to be prayed for. Shortly after being prayed for I went to the Altar of Encounter and bowed down and shut my eyes. I then thanked the Lord for His Presence which I felt and peace overwhelmed my heart.

During this time I saw the aura of golden bright light illuminating the area around the Altar of Encounter. I assumed that it came from the small candle to my right. The next morning I was thinking about the bright golden light, this was during hymns while a particular song was playing. At this time I realized that such small candle couldnít put out that much light, and my eyes were closed during this time. In my heart I knew that the Lord had illuminated that area with his Presence, and joy swelled up inside me. I knew that one day we wouldnít need a sun or a moon because the Lord would illuminate with His Presence.

Brittney Slusher


The Lordís Golden Glory Appeared

I hear people say that God blesses us more than we know how to ask for. I didnít understand what that meant until recently. For years the devil has built fortresses in me that I didnít know were being built until it seemed to be too late. Growing up I started to believe that if I was going to be strong then I couldnít show anybody my weaknesses. Yes, I could cry but only in secret. Yes, I could get mad at myself, but only in secret. I began to suppress my feelings to the point that I put on a mask that said I was okay. I would wear it with pride because I was being "strong." I was a good actor. I would cling to the idea that if I showed what I truly am, which is imperfect, then I would be hated. I had reached the place where I couldnít cry- all my emotions were suppressed. I wasnít sad but I wasnít happy. But I felt that I had to show that I was "okay."

Last year at the feast 2017 was a groundbreaking moment in my life. It was the first time in a long time that I was actually able to cry. I was crying and pleading that the Lord take my pain and give me the ability to overcome. I told Him that I didnít feel like I could bear another year of the sadness. But the Lord knew what I could handle. He led me to reach out to my brother and made me realize that I canít do my walk alone. I need my Church.

Once I started letting go of some of my burdens the devil really attacked me with condemnation. He beat me to the ground and made me feel like I had nowhere to go. The only way I can picture it is that I would try to squirm away from him only to find that I would be where he wanted me. I hurt people closest to me and I felt like I couldnít be forgiven. I would work on trying to understand Godís love for me. I tried to grasp that God loves me through my mistakes but I felt like He had left me. I would pray and worship and if nothing spiritual happened then I would get discouraged, like it would "confirm" my thinking that I was a lost cause. I began to try to force God to heal me and to show Himself to me. My thinking was, "Iím praying and worshiping so now itís Your turn"

So this year on the evening before the Last Great Day I made sure to come in to worship not expecting something from God as if He owed me anything. I was thinking about that and praying about it when Big

Daddy (Iíve called Pastor "Big Daddy" since I was 4 yrs old) said that yes, we come to worship Him, but this night we needed to expect miracles-that God always seems to give to us during this service.

I prayed again with a desperate prayer. I wanted Him to heal me and I wanted Him to show Himself to me. I prayed that on the last song and afterward Big Daddy prayed again. He explained to us what the altars meant. He said one altar was for consecration and healing and one was to see or encounter the Presence of God. I was delighted because I knew that God had worded it that way through Big Daddy to confirm that I was supposed to go to both that night.

I waited to go to the Altar of Consecration and instead I began to go to my brothers one at a time asking forgiveness for any offence I have caused. As I said "Iím sorry if Iíve offended you, please forgive me." I started to realize how much I felt like I had hurt people and I felt very condemned. It reached the point that I decided that I wasnít going to go to the altars because God didnít want me to.

When I got to Big Daddy I could tell that he had recognized my despair. He asked me if I had gone to the Altar of Consecration, then said "go." I prayed that the Lord would give me the ability to forgive others but I donít remember asking for forgiveness for myself. Maybe I did but I still hadnít let it go. I got up and tried to finish my prayers with the brethren but Big Daddy came and told me to go back to the Altar of Consecration because the Lord had told him that I didnít lay everything down. I didnít know what it couldíve been. I knew that I didnít feel different after my prayer but I didnít know why. So I trusted God and my Pastor and went again. David Brown prayed over me and asked if I was able to lay everything down, and I felt like I did.

Afterwards Big Daddy led me back to the Altar of Encounter, something I would have never done unless I knew that God had ordained it. Itís not a light thing to be in the Presence of God, and I know I wouldnít have felt worthy enough to even go back there. Of course my Heavenly Father knew that and thatís why He moved Big Daddy to lead me back there. It really blessed me that it happened that way because I felt like after years of not knowing where I stood with God, He was now speaking to me. Telling me that I need to forgive myself, because I am forgiven! And that He wants to be near me and to fellowship with me.

When I got to the Altar of Encounter, I saw a illuminating light. It was brighter than a candle so I figured it was the chandelier. But looking back I realized that the lights were dimmed in the sanctuary and this Altar was in the back and darkest part against the stone wall. All that time I kept seeing the light but I didnít think anything of it. I thought, "was the lord trying to show me something?" But after a while the devil made me feel like I had missed out on a blessed moment with God because of something that I had failed to do. Pastor was concerned for me because I had been at the Altar so long. He came back to check on me and saw that I was crying and troubled. I kept saying to him "I canít see Him! I canít see the Lord!" I had prayed that if I was truly forgiven that the Lord would show me His Glory. And I felt that I had not seen.

Finally, I got up and joined in the prayers that were being prayed for people back at the Altar of Consecration. Big Daddy told me to get prayed for again and I was saying over and over, "I donít understand!" And I still donít understand why the lord led me to go three times. Maybe I didnít lay everything down the second time or I picked something back up. But at the time I felt like going the third time just confirmed that I was doing something wrong. This time the Lord directed Matthew Lasiter to lead the prayer over me. He had suffered depression and anxiety a couple of years back and God delivered him during the Last Great Day service that year.

I went to my cabin and I prayed that if I still wasnít letting go of something that the Lord would show me how to give it up because I didnít know how. I did feel different, like the Lord had allowed me to release the weight that I was carrying. I now realize that I am powerful in Christ and thatís why the devil worked so hard to make me feel small.

The next day, I was still feeling a little discouraged and I wasnít really looking forward to the testimonies. I knew that the Lord worked so powerfully that night and I thought it would make me sad about my missed opportunity for a testimony. But when Brittany testified about seeing the illuminating light at the Altar of Encounter, I knew in the Spirit that the Lord was confirming that He had shown me the Glory of His Presence! I literally saw the Light and was embraced by it. I find it almost comical now, because I was so upset about something that I didnít understand. And itís great, itís truly great to be able to look back and just get tickled every time I think about it. That joy is something I had been missing.

Awbrie Morgan


White Crystal Tear Drop

Standing in the back with Elise before the service began, I looked into the sanctuary where the congregation was seated and saw a single drop fall. It was crystal white and fell centered between the testimony microphones just behind the Altar of Consecration. I kept watching for more but only saw the one. In our cabin later that night, I prayed the Lord would give confirmation. The next day I learned that Jessica Ryan had felt three drops like tears during praise and James Collins had seen a single red drop.

Then some of us remembered two like occasions in the past. While my dad (Pastor Larry) was praying a blessing on my brother Michael, a tear drop fell from the ceiling and landed on Pastorís arm. He and Michael saw it and touched it-it was wet like water. Michaelís room is downstairs and Pastorís bedroom was upstairs just above it so there was no possibility of a roof leak. Then sometime after that a single tear drop fell from above in our sanctuary and landed on Treon Lasiterís (my mom) arm. It happened while I was singing special music. She could see and touch the tear.

Sarah Moorer


Dream of Healing and Baptism

I was sick. I had some bad problems starting up. I had a really awesome dream into the last great day after the night at the altars. I knew my healing had happened, I just had to go to dr to make sure. In my dream Adam Morales hit me with a stick. I was straight up healed. It was Sarah's husband Blake Moorer that told me to bring baptism clothes in my dream... I had no clue that was even happening. Pretty sure all that was already happening at those altars before I ever fell asleep. Pastor Larry was baptizing two after the morning services of the Last Great Day and was surprised when I stepped forward. He thought I was coming to help him out of the water, but I was coming for baptism. During the evening service of the Last Great Day I was looking toward the front and saw a red drop fall. It looked like a tear drop but was crystalized.

James Collins


From Skeptic to Believer

When I came to this Feast I was a skeptic. I had been suffering constant pain for the past nine years since I was involved in a car accident which fractured my back. It was very uncomfortable for me to even wear long pants due to the nerve pain in my legs. During the morning sermon of the first day I was in so much pain I had to get up and walk outside. I felt as though I had shown disrespect to Pastor Lasiter, so during lunch I went and apologized to him. He asked me if I had been anointed for healing and I said no. But during the afternoon service I felt moved to step forward and ask for the elders to anoint me. My pain left to my surprise!

I didnít tell anyone for a few days. It was only after I stepped out of my cabin and tripped on a stump that I truly realized that I should give testimony of my healing. I fell hard but only received a few minor scrapes!

A fall like that would have put me down for the rest of the Feast but it didnít hamper me at all!

I went to Pastor Lasiter and told him that when I came to this Feast that I was a skeptic, but that God healed me and that now I was a believer. I asked if he would baptize me, and he did on the afternoon of the Last Great Day.

Ben Prickett


I Wanted a Vision

The day before The Last Great Day as I was praying I desired to feel the Lord's presence. I knew He was there, I just wanted to feel His Presence and I wanted a vision. I was recounting to the Lord all the visions He has given me in the past and how very precious they were to me. On my way to the sanctuary as we ushered in the Last Great Day I felt accused, as though my motives were being questioned. I started to question my own motives on why I desired a vision. I knew those thoughts were from the enemy and that I needed to fight them, but they were still bothering me.

Later in the evening as John Murry was praying for me he asked the Lord to "show Elizabeth her pure heart." He prayed the same later as I came to the Altar of Consecration for prayer. I knew instantly that was the Lord's response to Satan's accusations. The Lord reminded me of a necklace my husband Matt gave me a few months after we married. Matt engraved "pure" on one side, but he didn't know why he chose that word. The Lord told me that was to be my reminder, that I am always welcome to seek His presence.

Later I went to the Altar of Encounter thinking if I prayed enough and pressed through the Lord would give me a vision. It didn't happen there, but I left with the understanding it would happen in God's time. That night I had a dream that it was the end times. Our church was together in a building I understood to be our church building but I did not recognize it. There was a war going on and as I looked out the window the enemy army was pressing in. They were in a straight line and everything they encountered died and was burned up The army only brought death and destruction, and they were headed straight for us.

We had no fear, not even a little bit, for we knew what awaited us on the other side of death. We all lined up in the hallway and held hands as we watched the enemy draw closer. They finally made their way to us and as a soldier came right next to me I looked over to the person I was holding hands with and said "I'll see you in eternity." And in an instant we had all vanished. We were taken from that moment and death did not touch us.

Elizabeth Lasiter


The Strong Chain that held me was broken

I cried during the evening service of the Last Great Day-I didnít think it was possible to weep that much. It was a Spiritually powerful and touching night. Pastor had told us that God wanted us to go to each other and say "If I have ever offended or hurt you in any way, please forgive me. I love you." Then he told us that if we felt as if we couldnít do this, then go to the Altar of Consecration and leave all unforgiveness there. I had gone to the Altar already, but Randal Bustard came to me and said that I needed to go again-that there was still someone I hadnít forgiven. I briefly argued, but felt the fear of the Lord, so I decided to kneel at that Altar again. I met God there Who revealed to me that I had not forgiven myself and that I needed to lay down my guilt against myself. It was a liberating moment. That, along with encountering the Lordís Presence earlier during the Feast has literally made me another person and I rejoice.

All night I wanted a personal encounter with the Lord, to feel His manifest Presence, to see Him, just something from the Lord. As I knelt at the Altar of Consecration brethren gathered around me to pray. Shane Morris was moved to pray aloud and as he prayed I saw in the Spirit a great chain. The links appeared so strong that it was impossible to break. I recognized that this was what was binding me from forgiving myself. As Shane continued to pray I saw each link of the chain shatter and turn into dusk. Then I felt the Holy Spirit moving me to wave a banner to the song "Break Every Chain." I did that the following morning during Last Great Day services.

Near the end of the evening Last Great Day service, Pastor was stirred in the Spirit and gave us all a reminder of who we are in Christ. That we were "more than conquerors" with "divinely powerful weapons of warfare" that we were "blood bought sons of God" and that "no weapon formed against can prosper." Pastor was exhorting us to leave our defensive posture behind and go on the offensive against the enemy. As he was preaching I saw the Glory of the Lord behind him as a fog or mist filling the sanctuary and I knew that He was preparing us for war-and I knew that we won that battle.

Adam Morales


Set Free

I came to the 2018 Feast spiritually battered from the previous year. In March I removed myself from my church brothers and even nearly unfriended the entire church from my FB friends list. It was due to some missed phone calls and the feeling of being ghosted by two long time twenty year friends in the church. It hurt my feelings pretty deeply unknowingly to them. In my absence from fellowship and contact with the brethren I unknowingly had forsaken Godís people, my brethren.

After three days of the Feast had passed Randall Bustard, James Collins, and I found a wonderful trifecta of fellowship that began to pull me out of my rut of showing up for services but not engaging anyone. As the Feast played out, the Lord had been working my heart to repentance as also the fellowship leading into the Last Great Day. Prior to events of Pastor being led to setting up prayer altars, the Lord had already began His incredible work that was about to play out. I sat in prayer in my pickup asking for forgiveness for forsaking all of my brothers and sisters. I felt so ashamed but knew I was redeemed but not complete. In my heart I knew I had to confess my sins to my brethren and ask them individually for forgiveness.

The evening of praise had begun and the altars were set but Pastor hadnít completely explained what he was moved to do yet with the altars other than the naming them. The Altar up front was for Consecration to prepare for the Altar of Encounter in the back that was specifically there to enter the Lordís Presence. While praise had opened in a sweet sound of acappella-voices singing praises I was moved twice by the Spirit to go straight to the back Altar. I was hesitant the first time because I didnít think it was to be used yet as Pastor had not gave much explanation. I couldnít resist the second time and went to the Altar in the back where I encountered the Presence of God for the second time in my life. The feeling of guilt and shame were present in my soul because I already knew I had to ask everyone for forgiveness and to confess that I had forsaken them.

The Lord called me back to remove those feelings and I canít put into words how I felt when I touched the altar with my hands. I was a sobbing mess from the start of praise until I placed my hands on that altar. On my way to my knees the most blessed peace I have ever encountered rocked my soul. I instantly stopped crying and was going to ask the lord for forgiveness again for forsaking the brethren but before I could muster the thought God fired it into my soul that I was already forgiven. I sat in wonder for a brief moment, confused at the peace that had entered my heart and when it hit me and I broke down again in thankfulness to the Lord for fixing my heart and I told the Lord directly in His Presence that I would not forsake His people ever again. I slipped back into praise and John Murry noticed that I was quite shaken and put his arm on my shoulder; I immediately crumbled into his arms and confessed that I had forsaken him and was sorry.

After singing praise, the Lord moved Pastor to give his explanation of the altars which set the rest of the evening in motion. He set the stage for our intimate one on one session and he was led to have everyone ask each other for forgiveness for anything they may have done. The stage was now set but I had already, prior to any words being explained had already completed the task that was laid before us. I consecrated myself before service even started. Went before the Altar of His Presence and asked John to forgive me for my trespasses. That gave me the strength and courage to humble myself before everyone face to face.

I have heard many times of people receiving miraculous deliveries during this night. I didnít know it but this night was tailored directly to heal my heart. Thank God for his tender mercies.

Austin Vestal


Encountered the Lord before the service

The evening of the Last Great Day Service was fast approaching and I felt like I needed to find a private place to pray and to consecrate myself before the service. I began walking in the camp hoping to find a suitable place and I same near the sanctuary. I donít know why, but I felt like I should go in.

When I entered I felt the Lordís Presence and saw some of the brothers preparing the room for the service and I noticed the Altars. I asked what they were for and they said that Pastor didnít know yet but that God had moved him to have them. I sat down in one of the chairs, but then began to be drawn to the front Altar (we didnít know yet that it was the Altar of Consecration). I stood up and walked to the Altar, kneeled and began to pray. I donít really know what all happened there, but something happened there. I felt very strongly in the Spirit that the Lord was standing right in front of me. He was waiting for me there. And I testify also that I saw His Glory like a fog or mist.

Stacia Morgan


The Lordís Embrace

It started Sunday late afternoon prior to the evening Last Great Day service, I was in my cabin meditating on the Word and in prayer. I had felt like there might have been something wrong, I hadnít really experienced much in the Spirit since I came back to the Church. I was discouraged and thought that I might not have been doing all that I could be or something in me was blocking the Spirit. I wanted to prepare myself for that night and make sure that my heart was in the right place.

As I was in prayer I prayed that the Lord would move in a mighty way, that there be nothing that would hinder the Spirit from using me. I continued to pray for the Lord to allow me to feel His Presence and to be close to him that night.

As the service began, we were all together in the center of the room just lost in worship. I remember having my eyes closed and my hands raised - my left hand raised to my side and my right arm raised as high as it would go. While lost in worship I felt something drop on my hands, it felt like drops of water. I opened my eyes but I didnít see anything. I didnít think much about it and continued to worship.

Later on my Pastor was moved to have all of us go and embrace one another and ask for forgiveness for anything we may have done and tell one another that we loved them. I was instantly moved and I noticed half way through that I had this warm and comforting feeling surrounding me, -the feeling of an embrace. I noticed that the feeling continued even when I wasnít hugging my brethren. I remember looking around at everyone and being overwhelmed by the love I saw and felt from them all and I started weeping. I realized the feeling I was experiencing was the Lords embrace. I couldnít see anything but I knew in my spirit that He was there with me in the midst of everyone and He didnít let me go. I knew then that God had answered my prayer and He allowed me to feel Him, -to feel his love and His embrace.

I felt lead to be prayed over at the Altar of Consecration. Later John Murry prayed over me near the end of the service. He prayed that when I stood up that I would continue to feel Godís love for me. That was confirmation that what I had experienced was real., because I had not told John or anyone else yet.

The next day I spoke with my Pastor and told him I had experienced three drops in my hand and I didnít know what it meant. He then told me what I experienced was the tears of the Lord and that Sarah Lasiter Moorer had seen a white crystal like tear fall from the ceiling that same night and that James Collins had seen a crystalized red drop fall. Pastor told me that a heavenly tear fell upon his arm once while blessing his son, and that Momma T (Treon Lasiter) also experienced a tear fall on her during a service. I was instantly overwhelmed in the spirit and started to weep. God answered my prayers and I felt Him in a way I never have before. I have been filled with so much joy since and I long to experience more.

Jessica Ryan


Desperately Needed a Touch from God

For quite some time (roughly 18-24 months preceding the Feast) I'd been feeling like God was nearly gone to me. It had become rare to feel His presence like before, manifest and strong! It had even been hard to concentrate on prayer and reading, seemed like my mind just would not focus properly on these things, like I was slipping away and couldn't do anything right spiritually. I'd talked to a brother about it at points along the way and he kept reminding me of how King David wrote in the Psalms that he felt much of what I was feeling like, so I kept on trying to walk and do the things I should do, but still feeling very discouraged at times. Where was God? Why did He seem so distant? Is He done with me? Did I cross that invisible line where there was no return? I had felt these things before but with much less intensity and for a much shorter time. Through all these feelings, I still knew He was there, even though it seemed I was just getting very small glimpses of His Presence now and then.

I had been looking forward to the Feast this year, even more than normal, feeling like there would be a big move by the Spirit this year, not knowing how or what, but hoping somehow to feel Him again, like before! On the eve of The Last Great Day it happened! I showed up hopeful and hungry for His Presence, even feeling like there was a couple specific things He wanted me to do that night! I did those things and as the service went on I felt His Presence more and stronger, emotion began to flood through me as I kept feeling the Spirit work, not only in me, but others as well! I felt cleansed and renewed that night! I'm still feeling it today, holding on to Him day by day, I feel my prayers are being heard in Heaven again, not just "stopping at the ceiling", not just going through the motions! I now awaken with a praise song in my mind, even before my mind is clear! I look forward to the time spent with The Lord daily, and what he has in store for the future! PRAISE THE LORD!

Jody Nelson


Note From Pastor

The reason that Satan is able to successfully attack us with accusations and cause us to feel ashamed and even condemned is because we truly do hate sin. We are sometimes enticed by sin and the pulls of the flesh, but only our body of death finds sin attractive. When we give in to sin it doesnít take long for our conscience to rise up and for our heart to ache. The devil will always use this as an opportunity to accuse us-trying to get us to believe that we are without hope. That we have so offended God that we dare not draw near.

This tactic rarely works in nominal Christianity because they donít really hate sin and they picture God as a god without a true standard nor wrath. They donít strive to please God and are not pierced when they sin. Think about how your "Christian" friends think about God. The god they worship is not so demanding. They are not drawn nor driven to seek His Presence or to strive to obey and honor Him each day. There is no hunger or thirst for true fellowship with their Creator. Most "Christians" are spiritually blind to the condition of their heart. They donít see how wicked they really are-they truly believe that they are good people. If the devil were to accuse these people they would say "How dare you! Iím a good person! I help others! Iím as good as anybody else! So what if I sin! Nobodyís perfect so donít you judge me!!"

But God has opened our hearts to see the truth of our wicked nature in Adam and it pains us. Even our beloved Apostle Paul cried "O wretched man that I am, who will save me from this body of death?!" But then he realized and accepted that he was saved by Jesus-and that there is no condemnation in Christ. And that goes for all of us who have been born again of the Spirit.

Larry Lasiter



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