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The Feast of Tabernacles

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

 "You shall celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles seven days after you have gathered in from your threshing floor and your wine vat; . . .Seven days you shall celebrate a Feast to the Lord your God in the place which the Lord chooses, because the Lord your God will bless you in all your produce and in all your work so that you will be altogether joyful." Deuteronomy 16:13-15

The Feast of Tabernacles begins on the 15th day of the 7th month of the Hebrew calendar which falls in late September or in October on the Gregorian calendar. It has been the much anticipated time of the year for my family since 1979 when we kept our first Feast of Tabernacles at Lake of the Ozarks Missouri. There were more than ten thousand in attendance and the sound of that many people singing hymns to the Lord in one place was glorious. My family camped right on the lake and enjoyed many of the local attractions as we rejoiced before the Lord.

The next year we kept the Feast at Big Sandy, Texas where about ten thousand of us camped in the Piney Woods on the property of Ambassador College. Seeing ten thousand people walk from the campgrounds to the building where services were held was a sight to behold. Our third Feast was at St. Petersburg, Florida where we rented a house right on the beach. The house happened to be right next door to the famous Don Caesar Resort where we dined in elegance at King Charles Restaurant. We have kept the Feast at resorts, campgrounds, mountains, beaches and islands and have found that the Lord was always there to bless us as we rejoiced before Him.

As I wrote in an earlier devotion that the Feast of Trumpets represents the second coming of the Lord in all His glory, the Feast of Tabernacles represents the establishment of His Kingdom upon the earth. It pictures a time when there will be plenty and war will be abolished. A time when Jesus and His saints rule righteously and all peoples will learn the ways of the Lord.

All the Festivals of the Lord take place at harvest time. The spring Holy Days, Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread occur at the Barley harvest - Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost (as it is called in the N.T.) falls in the early summer at the Wheat harvest - and Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles and the Last Great Day are observed in the fall at the harvest of the Vine and Produce. These harvests represent three distinct harvest of souls, Jesus and His saints, Israel, and the Gentiles.


The annual Festivals of the Lord reveal Godís great plan of salvation for all who will receive it. I love the feasts of God, they have blessed me so, and I look forward to observing them with the Lord in the Kingdom of God. Why donít you consider observing the Festivals of the Lord.




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