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Fear God

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

"But I will warn you whom to fear; fear the One who. . .has authority to cast you into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!" Luke 12:5

Our text today is taken from a passage where Jesus is teaching on fear and anxiety. Here, He is instructing people to fear God who has the power to cast them into hell, but not man who can only kill the natural body.

It seems that people fear everything but God.

Many live with fears in their relationships, finances and health but few think of God as someone to fear. Financial anxiety keeps many people from sleeping every night, but how many lay awake concerned about their eternity?

To fear God is rarely taught in Americaís pulpits today and is often taught to mean to have deep respect or reverence. The Greek word that Jesus used in todayís text literally means to "be frightened" and "exceedingly afraid."

If we are honest we can see by the context of the passage itself that Jesusí purpose is to instill the fear of hell and of the Holy and Righteous Judge who will send sinners there. Jesus is telling us to fear God enough to faithfully obey Him because all sinners will have their part in the Lake of Fire.

God has done all He can do by giving His own Son as a sacrifice; those who rebelliously trample under foot the blood of that precious offering will be cast into hell to suffer the second death. That calls not for reverence, but for fear.

When God gave His people the Ten Commandments, the sight was so awesome that the people trembled in fear. Even faithful Moses trembled, -"So terrible was the sight, that Moses said, ĎI am full of fear and trembling.í" The people were so afraid that they backed away from Mt. Sinai and told Moses that they never wanted to hear Godís voice again. But Moses responded, -"God has come in order to test you, and in order that the fear of Him may remain with you, so that you may not sin."

Proverbs says that the fear of God is the beginning of both knowledge and wisdom which are valuable qualities indeed. But we learn from Jesus and from Moses, that the fear of the Lord is designed to make people afraid to sin. Peter wrote that God is even delaying the Judgment in hope that sinners would repent and come to Him, for He wants no one to perish in hell.


As brought-by-the-blood Christians we are told to come boldly before the Throne of grace. This is not to suggest that we come lightly before the Lord, but with the confidence that knowing that we come as a member of Christís own Body. We should have a healthy fear of the Lord knowing that He is just and holy as well as patient and merciful. He loved David, even saying that he was a man after His own heart, yet He strongly corrected David when he strayed.

God is simply not compatible with sin; therefore we must hate sin and never practice it because to do so is not a light thing. God does not want anyone to perish in their sins but will send all sinners to hell. I believe that is Godís most dreaded day - the day of Judgment when He sends away those who He gave His Son to save. Let us receive with fear that God will not spare the sinner.



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