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Exposing Lies


Examine Your Motives

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

"Let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water." Hebrews 10:22

 When trying to solve a crime it is necessary to examine the possible motives for committing it. If a murder occurs, Police Detectives look first for a person who may have had a reason to have committed the crime. Who would benefit from the death of that person? Did they have a large life insurance policy and if so, who is the beneficiary? Who were their enemies? Detectives understand that when you find a set of possible motives you will also find possible suspects to the crime committed.

 It has been jokingly said that everyone in prison is innocent - few ever admit their guilt. Life itself is very much like this too - few ever truly examine the motives for what they say and do, and as a result do not have a clear picture of their own character and what really motivates them.

In Romans chapter 1 we see that because people had such a great lust for the flesh, their beliefs and actions were motivated by the desire to indulge them.

People often want to freely pursue their wanton desires but they donít want to deal with a guilty conscience so they eventually convince themselves that their motives are pure.

God calls this, "exchanging the truth for a lie."

 When you think about it, it is natural for us to justify the things we do or donít do. There was a woman who visited our congregation one Sabbath who believed in wearing "plain clothing." Perhaps because she was dressed differently than our women, she felt it was necessary to give an explanation during testimony services, and said that she believed in dressing "plain."

The Bible does teach that women are to dress modestly and in such a way that does not draw attention to themselves. (1 Tim.2) But if the definition of plain clothing means to not stand out, then looking like you just left the set of the Little House on the Prairie TV show is hardly "plain" in todayís culture and is very noticeable. Not to judge the motives of this woman, but the reasons given and the actual affect seem contradictory - and that is very normal among humans.

 When it comes to practicing the Christian faith many encounter the same struggle. We may have a desire for something that we really shouldnít, so we will either yield to God and resist the temptation or we will pursue it and justify why itís ok.

Even though Jesus clearly taught His followers to seek the Kingdom first and to not store up treasures on the earth but in heaven - the prosperity preachers are exceedingly popular today. Why? Because many lust after riches and the pleasures of the world and quickly embrace any "godly" authority who will assure them that their motives are pure and Biblical.

Will we reap what we sow? Yes. Does it please God to bless us? Yes, again. But our focus should be on Christ and our pursuit of the Kingdom of God. I have always been abundantly blessed by my Father, but my motivation is to store up treasure in heaven while believing that God will provide for me here.

 What does your faith cost you? It has cost me a lot.

 It is very easy to follow the crowd but is difficult to walk alone or with the few. Jesus said, -"Count the costs" because the costs are real. Let us examine ourselves to ensure that we are not just taking the easy way and deluding ourselves.






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