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God Rejects an Evil Heart

By Wayne Schatzle


I once saw a bumper sticker which I guess was intended to be funny. It said, "I'm not prejudiced, I hate everyone!" 
Maybe if it wasn't such a serious subject it may have been funny. To hate someone because of skin color makes a hopeless situation because there's nothing you can do about it, we're stuck with the look God gave us.

But just how important is racism? In Matthew 5, Jesus said, "Whoever would be angry with his brother without a cause will be in danger of the judgment and if you bring a gift to the altar and remember the offense you have, leave the gift there and go and reconcile first, then come back and offer the gift."

Do we grasp the magnitude of that verse? If we are not willing to solve the racism problem in our minds, we shouldn't waste time by going to church and save that money from the collection plate. God will not accept worship from such an evil heart. Furthermore, the Bible declares you can't love God who you have never seen, and hate your brother whom you have seen.

Someone has probably said by now, "That scripture doesn't apply to me, the race I hate is not my brother." Think on this: Eve is the mother of all men, and all races as well. Eve had the capacity within her to be the mother of all races.

This is the only conclusion left to us if we believe the Bible. Also, according to a recent summary of modern biological knowledge on human racial characteristics, the difference in human genes linked to race is only .012 percent.

Humans all have the cellular machinery to make them very white or very black. What color you are reflects only on trivial genetic differences. In transplant surgery, an organ from a white donor can make a more acceptable match for a black patient, and vice versa.

Racism reduces people to objects of hate rather than individuals created in the image of God and blurs commendable actions of others.

In Germany, in 1935, the racism theme was given legislative expression by the enactment of the Nurnberg Laws. Jews were formally excommunicated from German societys legalized racism. They were hated regardless of the kind of citizens they were.

The people who hated them were Christians, followers of Jesus, a Jew. They venerated his mother, also a Jew, held sacred the Bible, written by Jews, and belong to a church formed by Jews.

Can we pick and choose whom will be our object of hate and our object of love? Not so, according to that same Jesus Christ we find written about in that same Bible. Matthew 22 says: "You shall love God with your whole being, this is the first great commandment and the second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself".

On these two commandments hang all. the laws and prophets". That's amazing - love God and others as yourself and the rest of the laws will take care of themselves. 

Loving all people requires help from God. We need His Holy Spirit for us to show genuine love for others. May God speed the day when His kingdom comes and we can finally live in peace and harmony with each other.






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