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Betrayal and Forgiveness

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

"Then Peter came and said to Him, ĎLord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?í Jesus said to him, ĎI do not say to you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven." Matthew 18:21-22

We have all suffered the bitter pain of betrayal. So often, betrayal comes at the hands of those we least expect and those we are closest to.

An enemy cannot betray you because you expect him to work against you. But a trusted friend who betrays your trust is a bitter pill to swallow indeed. As bitter disappointment sets in pain begins to give way to anger and hatred. The anger, resentment and hatred eases the pain like an additive drug and is difficult to let go of. But let go of we must or it will destroy us and poison those around us. We must forgive those who betray us.

In the Lordís prayer Jesus instructed us to pray this way, -"Forgive us our transgressions as we forgive those who have transgressed against us." Satan will always stir up people against us, but we must forgive to be forgiven.

In reality, all of us have committed acts of betrayal. If we demand justice against those who have betrayed us we are only bringing the same judgment upon ourselves. Jesus was betrayed by His own people yet while suffering on the cross He cried out, -"Father, forgive them for they donít realize what they are doing."

 If Jesus was not willing to forgive those who called for His crucifixion, neither would He be willing to forgive us, for He died for our sins too. Every sin we commit is an act of betrayal.

Jesus gave a parable about two debtors, The one who had squandered billions of his masterís money begged for mercy and received forgiveness for the entire debt. Instead of returning this favor by extending such mercy to a man who owed him a small debt, he had him and his family arrested even though the man was begging for a little more time to pay the sum owed.

 When the first manís master heard about this he was furious and quickly removed the pardon he had given him and had him and his family imprisoned. If we will not forgive others God will not forgive us.

We will always be tempted to think that our situation is different, and the enemy will whisper into our minds excuses. "You donít know how bad they hurt me.! I trusted them! You just donít understand what theyíve done to me!"

 But if you will listen carefully to the still voice of the Holy Spirit you will hear God say -"You donít know how bad your sins hurt Me, yet I forgave you. Donít forget why My Son suffered and died on the cross."

Jesus laid down His life for His friends -friends who had betrayed Him. If we have trouble forgiving others it is because we have taken our eyes off the cost it took to forgive us.








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