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Being a Good Example

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

"In everything I gave you an example that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ĎIt is more blessed to give than to receive.í" Acts 20:34

Can you catch Godís vision for you? Can you envision what you can be in Christ? To really let your light shine you must remove whatever is encumbering or is veiling the light -whatever is casting shadows.

When I was a young boy about 10 or 11 years old, I had a friend who seemed literally bigger than life. Those of you who have watched some of the old John Wayne movies will understand what I mean. My young friend, whose name just happened to be "Wayne" was like a young John Wayne character. He was courageous and brave and his matters were impeccable.

In the fifth grade a bully tried to harass me but Wayne fearlessly took his stand beside me. I understood that he didnít just do this because I was his best friend, but because it was right. Wayne was driven by what was right, regardless of the consequences. He was truly like a modern day Knight of the Round Table, though it was not his armor that was so brilliant, it was his dazzling example. He made me want to be like him and his example influenced my life more than anyone else.

Once, my mother came into the house glowing with pride and said that she had received a wonderful report about me. She then looked proudly at me and asked, -"You know who to thank for that donít you?" Without hesitating or thinking I replied, -"Yes, Wayne! I want to be like Wayne." My mother was very surprised. She expected me to say, -"You, Mom, I owe my good Character to your teaching." But the truth was, it really was Wayneís exceptional character that influenced me to be kind, polite and to defend the helpless.

You might be thinking that Wayne was older than me and that it was only natural for me to look up to him, but he was my age. I knew Wayne less than two years. His father was sick and soon died and the family moved away. But his example still inspires me today and I am a better man because I knew him.

Since then I have tried to be an example for others. I have striven to be loyal and faithful to others and to God. As I watched Wayne, there are some watching you. Let them see Jesus in you. People need to see an example that will inspire them to be all they can be in Christ.








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