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Be Fruit Conscious

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

I am afraid, lest as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds should be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ." 2 Corinthians 11:3

  Paul went on to warn that false teachers would come preaching a different Gospel and another Jesus. There has always been false teachers preaching a perverted Gospel and a different Jesus whom the original Apostles did not preach. But today we face even greater dangers than our brethren of yesteryear.

The Bible says that the ability to teach is a gift from God. A true Bible teacher has the ability to rightly divide the Word so that the original intent is understood. This is not to suggest that these anointed teachers do not make mistakes, they do. James wrote, -"Let not many of you become teachers. For we all stumble in many ways and teachers will incur a stricter judgment."But anointed, ordained teachers are given to the Church to teach to the best of their ability in order that the brethren may be properly equipped for the service of God, and also to protect them from the error of unprincipled men.

 Jesus said, -"You will know them by the fruits they bear." We see in the letters to Timothy and Titus that God places very strict qualifications regarding ordaining a Pastor. Though he must be an anointed teacher, that it not enough. His life must bear the righteous fruits of godly character and submission to God. To qualify to shepherd and teach the Church he must be the husband of one wife, have children who are believers and manage his own household well. The Apostle argues that if a man cannot manage his own household then how can he be expected to properly manage the household of God.

  Since the greatest teaching anyone can do is by example, a man must show that he has successfully led his family in the instruction of the Lord. If a manís family does not respect him enough to listen and follow him as he follows Christ, then something, though unseen, is very wrong and that man is unqualified to teach and lead the Church. When those closest to him and who know him at his best and at his worst respect and honor him, then that man is bearing fruit which has the Lord's anointing.

 During the time of the early Church when an anointed and appointed Church teacher was sent to visit congregations to instruct them, he carried a letter of commendation from men who had already gained the trust of the brethren. This is why Pastors are given ordination papers today.

 In each of these cases the person with a message has been confirmed by a respected source. But today many search the internet and learn from sources they do not know. In these cases we often know nothing about the life  of the teacher and cannot judge him by his fruits.

The teachings themselves are not really the fruits because as we see in todayís text false teachers are crafty and skilled in deceit and Satan's ministers come as "ministers of light."  Their leader is Satan and he is far more knowledgeable and wiser than any man. Understand clearly who God has appointed to shepherd, teach and guide you, then present anything questionable to them. Be fruit conscious regarding those who come to teach.




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