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The Beast Arises

By Larry R. Lasiter


For those of us who have been reading our Bibles for many years, there is little doubt that we are now living in the last days leading up to the Great Tribulation and the consequent return of Christ in glory. I have long believed and taught that the End-Time "Beast" of the Book of Daniel and Revelation would be a united Europe led by Germany. The Book of Daniel teaches that there would be only four world-ruling empires which would arise and come out of the "Great Sea", the body of water we call the Mediterranean Sea today. This identifies the location of these empires which is why the Beast will not be Russia, China, the United States or an Arabic Federation.

The fourth and last Beast has already risen. It came upon the world scene when Rome conquered Greece and then the known world before the time of Christ. The Bible says nothing of a fifth Beast, so the End-Time Beast must be a resurrection of the fourth Beast which would be centered in Europe.

In Daniel 2 we see these four kingdoms in succession pictured by a statue of a man with a head of gold, arms and chest of silver, belly and thighs of brass and legs of iron with ten toes being a mixture of iron and clay. The Bible identifies these kingdoms as Babylon, Medo-Persian, Greece and Rome.

The prophecy goes on to say that in the time of the reign of the fourth Beast that Christ would return and establish a world-ruling kingdom on the earth which would never expire. A "Stone" cut without human hands from the "Mountain of God" is sent downward and strikes the toes of the statue, because it is during the time of these ten kings of Europe headed by the Anti-Christ himself in which the Lord returns. Then all of man's kingdoms fall and give way to Christ's reign of righteousness and peace. Notice that although Nebuchadnezzar is dead and buried, his kingdom falls along with all the other conquered kingdoms when the Stone strikes the End-Time kingdom.

Let's look at some things which help us to understand that this new United States of Europe is the resurrection of the fourth beast. In December 2000 Europe opened their new Parliament building in Strasbourg, France. It cost 12 billion dollars to build and is patterned after a Dutch artist's famous painting of the Tower of Babel. In the old painting, the Tower is unfinished because it is still under construction. The new EU building is built to appear unfinished just like the painting. It is also a tower with an open courtyard in the middle. Looking upward one can see the sky.



When the EU were recruiting other nations to join them, they sent out posters and brochures with this old painting of the tower on the front cover. The slogan on them says, "Many Tongues, One Voice." The politicians of Europe view the coming together of the union as a reconstruction of Babel. Throughout the Bible the Tower of Babel is a symbol of ultimate rebellion against God which is why He stopped its construction before it was completed by confusing the languages.

The other European Parliament building is in Brussels, Belgium and has a new statue of the goddess Europa riding a Bull. According to mythology, this Bull represents the pagan god Zeus who carried Europa through the Mediterranean Sea to the island of Crete where he raped her. The statue outside the building depicts a woman riding a beast. So, the two symbols of the new EU are the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel and the rape of Europe.

In 1898 the Germans took two significant things from Babylon and Turkey. The Seat of Satan mentioned in Revelation 2, from Pergamon in Turkey, and the Ishtar Gate from Babylon. In 1913 the reconstruction of the Seat of Satan was completed in Berlin and was followed by a tremendous opening ceremony of dedication. Within one year Germany was at war. Prior to WWII, Hitler built a model of the altar of the Seat of Satan in Nuremberg from which he made some of his famous speeches, including the one declaring extermination of the Jews.

The Ishtar Gate was the gateway to go to the Temple of Istar. When the Jews went into captivity in Babylon they passed through this gate. The gate had pictures of 337 demons, the Babylonian snake-gods. 337 in Hebrew numerology means "Hell." Therefore, the Jews called this gate the "Gateway to Hell." The Germans took this gate from Babylon and rebuilt it in Berlin where it can be seen today.

According to Revelation 13, the whole earth will be amazed and follow the Beast and worship the "dragon" (Satan) because of him. He will cause all to receive his mark without which no one can buy or sell. It will be a time of trouble like no other in history. A time when literally billions will die. Those who receive his mark will be cast into the Lake of Fire, those who don't may starve, be tortured or killed if they are not protected by God.

Jesus said, "Pray that you will be accounted worthy to escape all these things." (Luke 21:36) If you have been holding back from being fully committed to God He will hold back from you. Now is the time to get real about your relationship with Him. We will reap whatever we have sown. Having the information I gave you will not spare you nor save you if you are not faithful. Prove yourself faithful.




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