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Where there is Pain, there is Hope

By Larry R. Lasiter

© 2010

“For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.” Romans 8:20-22

There were two significant trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Notice that the forbidden tree was not the “Tree of Evil” but of the “Knowledge of Good and Evil. When the first humans walked past the Tree of Life and partook of the forbidden tree, they were saying to God that they wanted to know both good and evil and that they would make their own choices from here on out.

As a result we live in a world that is a composite of good and evil and the evidence of that fact is everywhere. There is life and death, joy and sorrow, love and hate, blessings and curses. There is giving and sharing and there is seizing and robbery. In this fallen world it seems that every rose has it’s thorn, and a thorn’s job is to inflict pain.

In a fallen world pain let’s us know something is wrong. Pain is an effective motivator to isolate the wrong and to seek a solution to it. So, where there is pain there is hope.

There are a few children who are born with no ability to feel pain. At first thought this might seem like a wonderful blessing, but that is very far from the case in a fallen world. Children who cannot feel pain inflict terrible damage to their bodies. By the time they reach school age most have mangled deformities because of broken bones, cuts and burns. They don’t know when they break a bone, cut themselves or even when they are standing too close to a fire.

Because they do not experience pain they are sometimes very rough with others, sometimes causing injury to another child or to one of their parents. Parents who live with children in this condition see it as more of a curse than a blessing. The damage inflicted to the body is the same whether the pain is felt or not.

 Experiencing pain in a fallen world means that you are alive. It is the dead who feel no pain. As long as there is suffering and pain in the world there is motivation to seek God.

When God sees that a person has made his final decision to follow sin and death rather than to repent, obey and live, He sends them a spirit of delusion in order that they would believe the lie that they are safe from God’s wrath.

You might ask why God would do such a thing - the answer is that He wants to take away their pain. There is always inner turmoil taking place inside the heart and mind of a person who wants to feel free to sin. This simply means that they do not want to feel the pain of conviction when they disobey God.

When God loses hope that a person will repent, He lets go and allows them to believe the lie they have chosen to practice and they at last can sin without feeling the pain of conviction. Where there is pain, there is still hope.





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